How to Properly Write a Research Paper on Marketing?


We have already said that marketing is a relatively young scientific discipline. The term first appeared in American economic literature in 1902. Since the middle of the twentieth century, the concept of marketing has rapidly won the minds of both theoreticians and practitioners – economists and managers. The intensive development of theory and practice of management led to the accumulation of huge empirical material about business processes, consumer behavior, and competition. A number of scientists were able to systematize and summarize the available facts. Progress in theory, practical activity in the market has given rise to a new trend in management science – marketing.

Introduction to Your Marketing Essay

Someone Begins Writing

Everyone knows that the right start is key to successful continuation and wonderful results. Not everyone is paying attention to this fact. As a result, entries are often similar to each other. Students believe that the best option will be a set of standard cliches that will help to get closer to the main part. However, they overlook the fact that themes for essays are different, and the same entry with the same words cannot be the basis for uncovering completely different topics.

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