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This is a combination of research, teamwork, brainstorming and presentation. Probably, such variety of the activities involved is one of the main reasons why nowadays a case study method is ranked among the most effective learning strategies. And that is actually why your professor gave you such assignment. It is aimed at revealing, employing and developing those skills of yours which can help you find a solution for a particular issue.

However, at first it may seem to be just another time-consumer. Things may get even more complicated when you realize that it is a team project and that you cannot help but cooperate with a few other guys. Whether you feel quite enthusiastic about it or not, at first you would probably decide to find out more about what case study research is and what exactly it implies you and your team mates to do.

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Brief Overview: Defining the Term

In the very beginning we have mentioned that your work on such type of home assignment will require you to do different things, so it may still remain somewhat unclear what a good case study must eventually look like. To put it simply, you are expected to model a real-life issue, describe it, analyze it and come up with the range of suggestions or solutions for it. Depending on the course you are studying, you can select a relevant topic and apply various scientific methods to reach the objectives you set for your research.

Basic Things You Are Expected to Do

To start with, you need to understand clearly whether your assignment is intended for a group of students or for you personally. According to this, the algorithms of your work on the case study will be different. Below we are going to list the main tasks for both types of this project, which you can face.

Individual Performance Teamwork
  • Choose the topic or situation that looks really compelling to you and try to identify its main challenges or conflicts.
  • List the questions you want to answer after modelling the issue and conducting the research.
  • Refer to reliable sources that can help you build a decent case study and work out the rational solutions.
  • After your team agree on the topic, you need to equally divide the main responsibilities and tasks between all members.
  • Although each of you works on his or her own part of the project, you should cooperate and help each other.
  • In the end, after you compile all parts, you need to check whether they are connected logically and present your team’s solutions.
NB! The recommendations provided for your individual performance can be applied for your group’s teamwork as well.

Research Subjects: Some Ideas and Examples

The core of your project can cover different aspects of our life and activity. Let us specify the categories of research subjects you or your team can choose from.

  • Particular person: it can be especially useful for you if you study Psychology or Sociology. One of the most frequent examples of this type is the so-called “Genie’s case”: it investigates the behavior of a child who was isolated from the society for a long time.
  • Particular group of people: this type of case study can be also helpful in Economic, Political or Geographical Studies. For example, your team can research the lifestyle of an Australian tribe that has hardly any connections with the civilization.
  • Particular organization: such project should focus on the performance of a company or any other establishment. You can analyze their conflicts or failures and come up with the ideas on solving a certain issue or improve a certain situation.
  • Particular event: this paper should be dedicated to one event, the reasons why it took or is taking place, as well as to its real or hypothetical outcomes.

The Most Common Case Study Formats

Now we are going to learn some details about four most frequently used formats of such study.

  • Explanation: basically, here you are expected to explain what happened, why it happened and what can be done to solve the problem or change the situation.
  • Exploration: the main goal of such project is to prove that the issue you describe and analyze requires further, probably more detailed, investigation.
  • Instrumental investigation: in order to imagine what exactly an instrumental case study is, you can remember any survey you have ever conducted or participated in. For instance, if this survey is conducted among students to find out how many of them have ever been abroad, these students are considered the instrument of such study.
  • Intrinsic analysis: your entire interest should be concentrated around only one subject, the protagonist, but not on the case or background within which this protagonist acts.
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