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What is Creative Writing

Creative kind of writing, or in other words called “writing without bounds”, is one of the most expressive kinds of writing. This kind of text does not set up any limits for the authors. They can follow their heart while writing, especially if to talk about critical thinking essay. They are able to go wherever their mind flies.

Nowadays, almost everyone thinks he or she is a genius in the art of thinking. As a result, being a professional in composing texts is not a hard thing. All what the authors need is to concentrate on their artistic side, collect all the ideas, all the pretty synonyms and begin a journey in the land of creative writing.

Of course, there are some writers who would prefer “cold” language, which is rather full of terms and cliches than some poetry words or expressions. Although such writers can easily write you any research work, they will certainly feel uncomfortable in any other writing kinds, or even be afraid of it. It is a good thing that nowadays in the world with rapid technological development one can hire special writing services to help them with these tasks.

Only really skilled writers, mostly with the diplomas of higher specialized education, can be hired to do a job like that. People, who are specialists in writing services, perfectly know the principles of creative writing, its specific needs and main requirements. Although this kind of writing does not have some strict instructions or step-by-step guides, it still insists on certain structure, really good spelling and perfect grammar skills.

Creative Thinking Essay

Completing  a Creative Test

If talking about critical thinking essay writing, things differ. It is not as easy to write as a common expository text. But the process can be really interesting.

Plus, one should keep in mind that the essay on critical thinking is NOT like any narrative text or review article. This kind of writing exists to help the author analyze their own opinion about the topic, and to develop the feeling of criticism in their mind.

When used to characterize one’s thoughts, the word “critical” is not obligatory colored negatively. It means generating one’s subjective opinion on the topic through analyzing as many objective information as it is possible.

The process of gathering, reading, processing, realizing and picking the most valuable and respectful data develops many mind skills, including the abstract and complex thinking. By pushing both logic and imagination forward, critical thinking essay gives to any author the opportunity of becoming a better specialist, to learn something new, and to think differently.

How to Write a Critical Thinking Research Paper?

The best way to succeed is to follow the process shortly described above. Yet, some details are to be mentioned for better understanding of what critical thinking essay writing is.

Writing a good critical essay in 5 steps:

Step 1: Topic

Lecturers and professors mostly want you to create some criticism content for opinion papers, essays (yes, an essay on an essay is real), or any works of literature (both scientific and fictional writings). So, when your task is to say a few words on something already written, first go and read it two times, even if that is Tolstoy’s “War and Peace” (though we hope you will not get a task that cruel).

Step 2: Thesis

A basic argument, a main thought which is fundamental for your text is a thesis. Build-up your arguments around it. If you write critics on any art work, then mention its author and name its title. Summarize the idea of the work you try to describe if you find this is required.

While writing an essay about critical thinking answering to any publicity paper of scientific research writing, do the same. A short statement of the author’s position along with your thesis will demonstrate your line of thinking and side you have chosen.

Step 3: Plan

Main thesis you keep up with has to be supported by strong arguments. In case you have been tasked to provide some research, go for evidence. If your essay is the analysis, write as many arguments, appealing to the logic, as you know and can prove. If your writing is to compare two art works (fiction, for instance), write down features which are similar and different between them.

Remember: whatever you plan to write, it has to go along with your thesis. Check your plan twice after it is prepared. Your arguments should not deny your own main thought. That would be strange, agreed?

Step 4: Body

The writing itself. Stick to the plan you have generated. Do not make the introduction too long, 2 to 4 sentences are generally enough. The reader does not like to be bored.

Main body of your essay should contain all your arguments and proofs. First two to three paragraphs are your own ideas and thoughts described. Then you may mention possible objections to your opinion and explain why they do not quite cut it. Anticipating the reader’s thoughts is a great way to show it.

Step 5: Conclusion

Many writers do one common mistake: they think conclusion to be a “short retelling” of their paper. Yet it should be written like a short summary, and not to repeat the information you mentioned while writing the previous step. If possible, you can bring any strong argument for your opinion in the end to finalize the text solidly.

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