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That is not a surprise that on a daily basis college or university students have to complete tons of writing assignments for almost every course they take. Experience shows that an essay is the most frequently assigned task among all of them. It is turn, this type of academic writing is truly multi-faceted, in every sense of this word. It actually includes many different genres which feature different requirements for what you write and how you write it; not to mention the fact that this type of writing has migrated to the sphere of education from literature and journalism.

So, the most complicated and confusing thing about your current home assignment is definitely that very genre. Check your notes again. Should your college essay be descriptive for this class? Or should it be a decent and informative argumentative paper? There must be something that specifies what exactly you need to write about and the way how you are expected to present it.

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Everything You Need to Know About Essay Writing

The team of is here to shed more light on all possible features and even surprises you might face when writing about the greenhouse effect or describing your idea of friendship! Together with you we are going to reveal the secrets of brilliant writing and our discoveries will make your texts look interesting and fresh. But what is probably even more significant, you will find out what your professor expects from the paper you must submit to him or her. Here we go!

Common Features of All English Essays

These are the useful essentials which will stand you in a good stead every time you get such kind of homework. Let us have a quick look at them.

  • It is very important to structure your text in the right way. So, to start with, you need a good introduction. In a few unpretentious sentences you need to catch your reader’s attention and make him or her interested in what is going to follow them. We recommend using human English and basing on real facts or global values rather than on abstract or nonverified statements.
  • The main part is aimed at giving you an opportunity to develop your personal idea on the topic of the essay. But here is one thing you should always take into your consideration: no matter how many paragraphs this main part has (the standard number if from 3 to 5), they all must develop this idea, prove and support it, but not repeat it or turn it into an axiom that cannot be argued. So, make sure you have stocked up on many rational arguments, examples, numbers and facts to complete the main part successfully.
  • Conclusion is the final and probably the most essential paragraph of both your essay on global warming and a story about your summer holidays. It is when your reader is going to ask you: so what? And that is the question you must ask yourself in order to make your finishing touch effective, unambiguous and convincing. Satisfy your reader with a clear answer and get your lawful A!
  • Last but not least, you should know about the general academic and educational value of your homework. Well, yes, your college essay does have it, however strange this may sound. So, the thing is that such assignment actually involves different activities: it is not only about writing, it is about conducting research, making conclusions and applying creativity. It can teach you to express your personal attitude towards literally every phenomenon, event or idea. But what is even nicer, you will be able to give this attitude the right to coexist peacefully even with its opponents.

Original Essay Strategies: Similar but Different

Now you have a framework for your assignment. That is a really useful achievement. But it is still like an empty cup, waiting to be filled with flavorful tea or coffee. That is with what is called content. The content covers your ideas on the topic, as well as the ways you bring them into life in your paper. To put it simply, you need to pay attention to the ways you build the text and express your opinions in it.

Of course, genres of essays are not as numerous as types of these drinks, but still each of them has particular characteristics. So, let us check the most common genres and see what is special about them.

  • Argumentative genre requires research and valid facts. With their help your writing must explain why you support a particular idea, why other people support it too, and why you all are right.
  • Comparison and contrast genre implies that you are going to compare and/or contrast two items, events, phenomena or persons. A small tip for you from us: choose several qualities or parameters according to which you will build your comparison and/or contrast, because actually you are not expected to embrace the unembraceable variety of characteristics the two objects have. Do not forget to answer the so-what question after you finish to compare them.
  • Descriptive genre is really about describing mostly one particular notion, experience, even or person. It needs your personal attitudes, appropriate and witty metaphors, plus appellation to human senses and emotions.
  • Narrative genre will make you tell any story of yours briefly and provide its moral.
  • Persuasive genre is very similar and often even identifies with argumentative genre. However, if we take a persuasive and an argumentative essay about death penalty, for example, we will see that the first paper should appeal to reader’s emotions and values. But the second one should appeal to his or her rational thinking and logic. Though, yes, both these papers must convince the reader of your rightness.
  • Admission essays are required by colleges and universities: so, if you are going to enter a university or participate in a scholarship program, you should follow the official requirements set for such paper.

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