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The end of the term is not an easy time usually, is it? Within two or three weeks you are expected to pass several tests, submit one or two projects, revise for exams, and not to forget about one more very important assignment – a kind of icing on the cake. Let us think what it can be… Right, that is your college term paper! Although you would definitely describe what you feel about it all better than anyone else, we shall risk assuming that you are not very excited about the prospect, to put it mildly.

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What Is NOT a Definition of Term Paper

On the one hand, this genre of academic writing can serve as an umbrella term for many different types of papers you are assigned during one term of your study. To be more precise, it features many of those characteristics that appear to be very typical for other writings you submit to your professors in different disciplines within three or four months.

On the other hand, a term paper about drugs or technology cannot be considered a full equivalent to any of them, even if they have the same topics. It mainly requires its author, that is you, to demonstrate the knowledge and skills in a particular subject, gained within the current term. Roughly speaking, it can be called a research essay that contains 3k-5k words.

However, it is NOT:

  • an essay, because it is longer and should cover a rather limited sphere of subjects and topics which are included in the study plan for a particular term;
  • a research paper, because it is aimed at doing research, which is concentrated around a clear central statement or idea, and analyzing its results; however, when you write a term paper and provide some investigation in it, you can expect it to become a kind of research paper as well;
  • a coursework, because it should be completed at the end of the entire course, which can last for more than one term.

How to Turn Your Term Paper Topic into a Nice Title

You have certainly come across numerous tips and hints on how to choose a topic and be happy with it. Well, of course, you cannot write anything unless you know what exactly it is going to be about. However, the notion of topic seems too broad and even abstract to help you narrow everything you want to research to one sentence.

That is why you need an accurate and interesting title. And below you can find a few pieces of smart advice on how to coin it:

  • there is a recommendation that a title should be no longer than 12 words (including articles and short prepositions);
  • it should summarize but not generalize the main idea or even goal of your work: so, if you are researching effects or processes of something, make sure you have the word “effect” or “process” in the title;
  • do not insert words which do not contribute to what you personally have done in your term paper and which define something that should go without saying: you should avoid including such combinations as “a study/investigation of”, “an analysis of”, “the results of”, etc.;
  • your title should provide a satisfying answer to the question ‘What you are writing about?’, which allows you to specify; but not to the question ‘Are you writing about the influence of the precipitation on the construction of a new airport?’, when you can say only yes or no;
  • although it is a college paper and its every detail should stick to the requirements of serious academic style, you can add a small pinch of creativity to the title; but you had better consult your professor about such issue.

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