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Someone Begins Writing

Everyone knows that the right start is key to successful continuation and wonderful results. Not everyone is paying attention to this fact. As a result, entries are often similar to each other. Students believe that the best option will be a set of standard cliches that will help to get closer to the main part. However, they overlook the fact that themes for essays are different, and the same entry with the same words cannot be the basis for uncovering completely different topics. Evaluating the beginning of a paper and student's ability to demonstrate the relevance of a problem in the light of a chosen topic, the professor is able to get the general idea of the remaining parts, and decides whether it makes sense to read further.

What we said is absolutely relevant to writing marketing essays. Choosing a specific topic, you automatically agree to disclose it and satisfy the curiosity of your reader. In order to grab attention and keep it down to the main part, which everyone considers to be their main trump card, in the beginning, it is necessary to tell and show why this topic will be interesting and why it makes sense to discuss it.

Example of the Beginning

Now we will demonstrate an example of the introduction to a marketing essay. In this particular case, the beginning will serve as a stencil, the basis around which you will have to collect facts depending on your topic. Note that this is not the only example, but just one of the options that we suggest you use.

Before we begin, we also want to warn you of one more thing. Avoid complex sentences and phrases, especially if you do not make them up by yourself, but take from some other sources.

Firstly, if you think that a professor will not be able to determine your style and compare it with that used in the beginning, then you are very much mistaken.

Secondly, there is a high probability that roughly the same words have already been used by other students who adhere to the principle "the more difficult, the better".

Thirdly, even if this is your first work, and the professor still cannot recognize your style, you risk setting standards too high for your future writing or, as an option, immediately be accused of plagiarism, if the professor notices the similarity of your sentences with someone else's utterings.

Nothing can be too complicated to not being able to explain it simply.

So, let’s begin.

In the period of formation of the state's economy, the necessary conditions for the development of commodity-money relations are the active participation of the general population in these processes, taking into account public opinion as well as harmonization of social relations.

The success of business is largely dependent on the timely establishment of public relations through the media – the press, radio and television. It is impossible to establish close contacts with numerous institutes of consumers, partners, state authorities and society in general without in-depth knowledge, experience and competence of heads of commercial firms and marketing specialists.

In today's conditions of business development, many difficulties and failures on this way are often explained by lack of awareness, reliability, flexibility and openness of marketing participants.

Marketing is a continuous and systematic analysis of the market's needs, which promotes the development of efficient products with special properties designed for competitive groups of buyers. These special properties distinguish them from competitors' goods, and thus create a competitive advantage for a manufacturer.

In order to improve the economic situation, to fill the market with goods and services, it is necessary to fight for a consumer, constantly updating the products, expanding the range of services offered, as well as increasing their quality. Only under such conditions, marketing will be able to cover a significant number of enterprises, especially those directly related to the end consumer – the population.

Marketing is an integral system of organization and management of the activities of firms aimed at ensuring sales of products, the smooth movement of goods from a manufacturer to a consumer in order to maximize profits. The main thing is market orientation, subordination of all its functions to the marketing task.

Successfully organized and practicable marketing work helps identify and eliminate shortcomings in strategic planning, organization and implementation of commercial activity, as well as in the management system as a whole, to establish close and timely cooperation with the society more quickly.

The marketing system is an effective combination of two interrelated aspects with a large number of approaches, ideas and solutions. The first aspect is thorough and comprehensive study of the market, demand, tastes and needs, orientation towards production, targeting of products. Much attention is paid to the appearance of goods, then to the sale of services. The second aspect is the active influence on the market and demand, on the formation of needs and purchasing advantages, and the creation of a loyalty of buyers to specific "vintage" goods and services.


As you can see, nothing is tricky here. The main thing is to have a minimal idea of what you are going to describe. Of course, marketing is a fairly dynamic science, and you can approach it from completely different sides, but at the same time, do not forget that there are studies, definitions and other fundamental principles that have already formed the basis of this science and which cannot be ignored. You must know the basics.

Make sure that your introduction does not take up several pages, it should be concise. You can easily develop essential ideas in the main part. A three-part segmentation exists exactly for this purpose. Do not forget about our advice and good luck with your essay!

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