Essay on Active Shooter Drills

Active Shooter Drill

In the US a school shooting occurs every 2.5 days. The government and schools are trying to make sure that students know what to do if something similar happens. More and more educational institutions start learning about how to act more effectively during an emergency.

Essay About Overcoming Depression

Anti-Depression Medication

According to an analysis by The New York Times, in the United States 15.5 million people take antidepressants. Is it possible to overcome depression in natural ways? Depression is a sign of deterioration of the body. According to research, most depressions are caused by physical and biochemical transformations in our body. These can be various forms of physical illnesses, biochemical changes caused by inappropriate lifestyle and following modifications in the system of hematopoiesis and blood circulation.

Essay on Online and Offline Communities. Part 1


The question of the impact of modern technology on our life is extremely relevant not only for young people and students but for all generations. So, today we will talk about how a modern user behaves online, sometimes without detaching from offline reality, and sometimes falling out of it. You can order a similar paper in more detail on

The Worst Gifts for Moms: What Students Should Avoid Buying

Giving a present

Mothers are the ones who deserve the best presents, but do we always present them gifts which they would love to get? Very often, we write an essay on a topic “How I love my mother” and think that this will be enough (what is more, the mothers never complain and do not even give a hint that something is wrong.) However, you are not a child anymore if you are already a student and can really get the worthy present for your mummy. Here are several guidelines which Crazyessay experts have prepared for you.

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