Revision Policy

Our team makes an effort to meet all the needs indicated in the Customer’s order form and provide a high quality end result. However, on occasion papers might require some changes or amendments, as deemed appropriate by the customer. To enable customer satisfaction with the quality of work an unlimited number of revisions are offered at no additional cost during a limited timeframe. According to our Revision Policy, the main terms are as follows:

Revision Instructions: The revision comments expressed by the customers may not contain any instructions contradicting originally submitted instructions. Orders with altered revision instructions shall be charged accordingly. Therefore, if the Customer requires consideration of the altered instructions for the order revision, he/she will be prompted to an additional payment, ranging from 50% to75% of the initial order price, depending on the complexity of the new instructions.

Revision Request Process: Order number should be cited in the subject line in correspondence with us, in particular in case of revision comments/guidelines. We appreciate your adherence in this simple matter which will be of help to our Support Team Managers.

Revision Timeframe: It is possible to request free revisions for your order only within 10 days after you have been provided with the first version of the completed assignment. Upon the expiration of the 10-day period no free revisions are available.

It is necessary to provide the writer with at least 3 hours to complete the requested revision of the paper. At least 2 hours are required for revising urgent orders with a 3- or 8- hour deadline.

Progressive delivery service gives you an opportunity to enjoy a 20-day revision deadline instead of standard 10-day period. Same option can be applied to the orders containing 30 pages or more.

Changing the Writer: It is your undeniable right to request a different writer to proceed with your order should at least 3 order revisions done by your initial writer not yield desired outcome. Kindly ensure valid reasons and sound justifications detailing writer’s failure to meet initial requirements are stated in your request to change the writer.

Money Back: In order to claim a refund, please ensure the process is initiated following minimum 2 revisions of the paper submitted by the writer. This applicable only in orders with standard 24-hour, 48-hour, 3-day, 5-day, 7-day, 14-day and 30-day delivery deadlines.

To claim a refund in case of an urgent order with a 3- or 8- hour deadline - minimum 1 revision will be required. To initiate a dispute, please forward your request to: Please ensure sound justification of such claim is provided.

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