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If you are here, your study at college or university is definitely rushing to its logical end. But deep inside your soul the feelings of joy and freedom have mixed up with those of anxiety and fear. Every day of your life makes you closer to the dates of your final exams and thesis defense. These are the last challenges you have to face and overcome decently before you can go to the next level of this game. Unless you are going to obtain a doctoral degree, of course.

Still, the fact that you are going to or, probably, have already started to work on the biggest and most serious paper, which cannot be compared to any you wrote before, means a lot. For you, for your parents, and for your supervisor. Yes, we know it. And we also know how you can turn the writing your thesis into a painless and even quite a pleasant experience. Let us check what have prepared personally for you!

Confusing Issues and the Best Solutions for Them Right Here

When you know that a huge piece of work is waiting for your wise decisions and effective management, the wish to postpone it is truly difficult to resist. What is worse, the less time is left to submit a ready paper, the bigger this wish grows. The situation is quite familiar, isn’t it? However, it is not as bad as it may want to seem to you. Your optimistic college friends can tell you that all you need is to start at least making a draft of a thesis outline. The inspiration will feel that you are ready and come to rescue you.

The good news for you is that actually you have already started. So, it is the right time to discuss the most confusing aspects of the whole writing process and come up with the right solutions for any probable difficulty on your way to success.

Synonyms or Not: What Is in the Name




  • If currently you are in the US and you are finishing your master’s course, then you are certainly going to defend a thesis in the summer.
  • But you are sure that you have already obtained a Master degree and want to become a doctor, then you are going to defend a dissertation.
  • If you are in the EU, then it is more than likely that you are working on a dissertation to get a master’s degree.
  • Vice versa, if you are absolutely sure that you have a diploma which officially certifies that now you are a Master, and if you are still at college or university, then you are writing a thesis.




Thesis is one of the academic writing genres. This paper you submit and defend to get Master’s or Doctoral degree.

It can be expressed in several sentences and tells briefly about your main ideas and the ways you are going to prove them.

What About Your Supervisor

He or she will be helpful. Well, he or she should be helpful. If somehow you feel that your supervisor is not very interested in your thesis and success, then it is better to discuss the issue with him or her personally and dot the i’s. However, in this case you should be as polite as possible. Who knows, maybe your supervisor’s child is sick and he or she just does not have time for you at the moment. Take this into account.

At the same time, you need to be initiative. Arrange the convenient time to meet with the supervisor and bring at least one book or some draft with you. Let them see that you are willing to work.

When It Is Worth Beginning

Whenever, you do it, you will never be late. That is for sure. But the sooner you pluck up your courage, the better for your nerves. So, as you have already made the first step into this whirlpool, let us see how you can survive.

  • Experience shows that it is quite uncomfortable to write such paper when you have hardly any materials. So, after you have come up with a draft topic, you can set a certain period of time which you can spend in the library and online, searching for your future references.
  • As soon as you find enough sources and study them, you can proceed with making a plan. In order to do it easier, you can ask yourself what you expect to research and discover, whether it needs classification, why it is interesting and necessary, and so on. Do not forget to check your ideas with your supervisor.
  • Alright! Now you should try to decide when you can sit down and write your thesis. We recommend making a regular schedule: for example, you can choose three of four days per week and spend four hours on the work. If you feel that you are really short of time, then you can hardly escape making your writing sessions longer and more frequent.
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