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Strong writing skills in biology contribute professional success in multiple arenas, from gaining excellent marks to landing a job of your dreams. But writing an efficient scientific paper can be quite an issue for people who urgently need some help with their biology papers or labs. Students, who choose biology as their major, know that it is quite a complex subject that requires a lot of reading, analyzing, research and study. Usually, biologists spend at least one-third of their time writing in some form.

Problems appear, however, when you need to write a well-built scientific paper within a short period of time. In such case, you can always get help with your biology papers at a low price and not worry about your grades as they will definitely be high enough. Written biology works reflect the quality of the applied research. So, if you want to make sure people do not consider your scientific research shaggy, you better provide a well-written scientific report, and we are here for you in case you need help with that. 

No secret that today students are always struggling to succeed, but usually they manage to do only half of what has been planned. Constantly being in a rush makes them do a lot of different assignments, but with low quality, which influences their grades.

The thing is that it is rather difficult to decide what is of a prior importance and control your studies properly. Definitely, low grades are not what students want to receive for their work. To cope with all problems mentioned you are welcome to benefit from and forget about difficulties with biology essay writing. We can complete any scientific paper for you!

Common Types of Writings in Biology

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Research Proposal

Grants or research proposals usually consist of a brief justification of work, offered methods, hypotheses, and a prospective outcome together with the broader implications of the work. A well-built proposal can not only promise success of your project but also convince others that you have a worthwhile research project and that you are competent enough to do it efficiently. Our writers are surely experienced enough to complete your assignment with the best quality; if your goal is to present a brilliant research proposal – you have found the place where you can get help with that.

Lab Report

These papers usually colligate all the findings gathered during an experiment or a set of experiments. In most cases, it includes a brief purpose of the experiment (one or two sentences), a short context of the research, description of the methods used, gathered data (can be in a form of tables and charts), and obtained results.

Review Paper

Usually used as secondary literature for scientists entering a new field. In other words, review paper is a vast abridgement of published findings concerning to one specific topic or field. Using all the gathered materials, review paper writers synthesize these materials into a brief, well-structured, consisted, and accordingly referenced writing.

Research Manuscript

Research manuscripts are primary literature that contains the results of scientific experiments. These can be either short reports, containing only notable results, or full-length reports, containing detailed data and outcomes. These papers, also referred to as publications, usually include acknowledgements from writers and a reference list.


Abstract is a brief summary of a research paper or a relevant poster. Consequently, it usually consists of information from each chapter of the writing: introduction part (1-2 sentences), objective (the main and longest part), the used methodological approaches and findings, and the obtained data.

Poster & Presentation

Posters and presentations act as a visual aid for an interactive oral presentation by the scientist. The visual design of a poster, therefore, requires a certain amount of creativity in addition to technical flair. Having said that, the written content and data presentation should conform to the same high standards as that of a research paper.

Lab Notes

Laboratory notebooks, or lab notes, usually are used for two purposes: firstly, these papers can serve as a technical resource and reference for a scientist; secondly, lab notes provide an original and confirmable research record done by a specific person. Lab notebooks contain clear and accurate records of scientist’s study and research sessions, but these notebooks in most cases are the lab’s property, thus, when a scientist leaves a lab, their notebook remains behind.  So, no information can ever be deleted from the lab notebook, and every individual should make sure to leave clear, consequent, dated, and detailed entries in the laboratory notebook.

If you are struggling even to understand which type of biology paper you need to be written, that is not a problem! All our writers have years of experience of completing students’ papers and can easily identify what kind of service you need based on the instructions you provide. Do not waste your time, contact our support team right away and have your paper completed within the shortest time-frame!

Plagiarism in Biology Papers

While writing any kind of paper, you better understand the difference between plagiarism, paraphrasing, and quoting. Paraphrasing is strictly forbidden in scientific papers and can easily result in rejection of your biology paper or even worse punishment. Your assignment has to be written in your own words only, and you should cite all the sources of information you use while writing your work to avoid plagiarism. All the quotations and borrowed sayings, even paraphrased ones, should be properly referenced.

By ordering a biology paper with us you do not have to worry about plagiarism issue as we always make sure all our papers have 100% original content.


When you come to understand the way, professional biologists write their papers, you will find it easy to see how their works can be reflected in writings you prepare for your classes. Scientific writings require such parts to be obligatory included:

  • Introduction – the reason of the study completion;
  • Methodology – description of scientific methods you used;
  • Discussion – comparative and more detailed context of your study.

Every part of the writing should be accordingly referenced. In their writings, scientists may include different mainstream sources, but these sources should not replace peer-reviewed ones in any case. There are two forms of peer-reviewed literature: primary and secondary. For the practical part of the work, the correct information about the data provides evidence all the calculation or research steps you do in your writing.

Evidence in scientific writings usually consists of four parts: primary and secondary sources, mainstream sources, and data. By ordering your biology paper with us, you do not have to worry it is not properly cited. Moreover, we offer a free reference page! All you have to do is indicate a number of sources you would like to see in your writing, and it will be done for you without any payment.

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