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Shaking hands, high voice pitches, heart thumping and a lump rising to your throat… We all know that feeling when having to perform a speech or some presentation in front of a huge room of people waiting for you. Well, to be completely honest, not all people have this fear but all of us can admit this feeling of nervousness when delivering your masterpiece. We do not want you to feel anxious and that is why we have prepared a list of necessary tips every passionate speaker should bear in mind.

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Writing a Presentation or Speech of Your Dream

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The best option is, naturally, to order a help from our professionals who are well-aware of the structure and catchiness of perfect speeches, but they have also prepared a list of special tips for you to understand the way they create masterpieces for your need. Take a look at them!

  1. Sit and write. It is probably the hardest thing to do – to start. But once you get the clue on how it should look like and realize its importance for yourself, the work will go much faster and more effective.
  2. Think of a catchy introduction. It is exactly what people need to have their attention “hooked” and keep listening. Once a speaker went to stage and started eating an apple. Catchy? We would say – extraordinary but it works perfectly. To grab someone’s attention you do not need to eat something – a nice and gaudy introductory word will be more than enough.
  3. Make a draft. To understand what your presentation is about a short summary or outline is needed. If the paper is too long and you are confused what should go next, just return to your draft and stick to the plan to make it flawlessly written. Divide information in chunks, think of a plan of your speech.
  4. Leave some space for improvisation. Everything should be planned, that is true. But not everything Can be planned. That is why you should be ready for the cases of emergency when, for example, someone has asked you a question or you have skipped over one subtopic and now should return to it. Just relax and think about possible ways of solving the problem. Even an honest phrase “And now I will tell you my previous topic as I did not mention it before” will be more than enough.
  5. Make it personal. You and your presentation are one unseparated organ during the whole performance.
  6. Make it impactful. Impress the audience with some scoop, information should be divided into the known one and some latest news that will be interesting for people sitting there.
  7. Speak to the audience. Every speech requires its listeners, and every speaker should moderate his or her piece to the audience.
  8. Quote notable people. Naturally, your research paper is not a self-made creation and quotation will show you that you really cared about the sources of your paper. So, do not be afraid to denote a person who has made some discovery or said a good statement to your topic as they have definitely contributed to your successful performance.

Preparing Yourself to Delivering a Speech

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  • Know your topic. It may be most obvious but actually is the most crucial advice so that you are certain in what you are talking about. With the help of our online writing service you will be totally confident in the high quality of your paper and never experience any lack of information or unclarity in paper;
  • Start it right. The introduction should not mill the wind but precisely define your main intention. Let the title of your presentation capture people’s attention right away and at the same time clearly enlighten your subject of speech;
  • Make it clear to the audience. “Today I will talk about environmental pollution. First I want to touch upon the causes of this issue, after that we will dive into the current situation in the world nature and in the end, we will muse about the potential future of the next generations within the program of environmental defense science.” Now the audience is relaxed, people know what to expect from you and they will not be perplexed by sudden changes of your theme of speech. Nevertheless, you are always free to surprise them with some joke or interesting information which is related to the main thesis but not to the current subtopic;
  • Never talk to yourself. Mumbling something under your nose is definitely not a way out of the situation if you are afraid. Even if you have not learned your speech perfectly – stand confidently and speak loud. Stay calm to have sober mind and let your thoughts come to your brain, in a while you will relax and be on the crest of a wave again;
  • Have support. We all are humans and we all can forget something. Besides, if you have a fear of stage, even the most perfectly conned speak may fly away from your mind once you step on a stage. Having a draft of your paper is necessary just to make you keep talking and thinking straight. People will not judge you for looking at the draft if you forget anything, but if you do not say anything at all, they will never find out what a great speech you have prepared. You surely do not want it to happen;
  • Move. Use face expressions, smile, grin, show gestures. You are not a robot and a bit of your physical participation except for a voice will surely be appreciated. Otherwise people will see no need in keeping their eyes open during your presentation;
  • Find time to breathe. Really, you are not in a hurry, make yourself feel comfortable, have a bottle of water (wine) in case you need to wet your whistle, and make pauses because nobody will want to hear your broken wind like running over 5 miles in a row;
  • You are an actor – play your role. Remember the words of one of the greatest poets of all times – Shakespeare? He said that we are all playing some roles in life, so imagine yourself a lover of public performances and have fun acting!

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