Marketing Strategy Paper


The economic strategy of a firm should primarily develop economic means to achieve objectives, that is the means that induce all participants in the production process – from market researchers to service personnel – to play their roles in ensuring the prosperity of a firm.

What Is the Marketing Mix (4P)?


One of the founders of the marketing discipline and 4P theory is Theodore Levitt, who wrote an article entitled "Marketing myopia" in 1960.  It was about the beginning of "marketing craziness." Levitt wrote that large manufacturing enterprises are often too focused on their products and their market, ignoring what is happening outside of it.

Marketing Essay Topics. Personal and Business Philosophy


Business philosophy is an important part of firm's work. Everything starts with it. The consumers’ perception of an organization and its products to a large extent depends on how well a firm has formulated its philosophy and demonstrated certain aspects of it to its customers. And you can always find suitable papers on similar and other topics on

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