Essay on Active Shooter Drills

Active Shooter Drill

In the US a school shooting occurs every 2.5 days. The government and schools are trying to make sure that students know what to do if something similar happens. More and more educational institutions start learning about how to act more effectively during an emergency.

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Different Notifications

First of all, it’s important to inform students that there might not be an opportunity for announcing from a school’s public-address system. Notifications can come from the sounds of gunfire.

In addition, it’s wise to keep in mind that it can happen at any time: when you’re writing an essay, heading to your classroom, or just entering the building. An intruder may also carry out an attack with school’s emergency drills in mind.

Computer Simulations: VR Technologies for Security Purposes

EDGE is a virtual reality training designed for the army and the police. It is of high quality, and some videos include audios from real shootings which make the simulations more accurate. A few programs have been designed for teachers as they need to know not only about how to improve their teaching methods and encourage students to write law or technology papers but also about what to do in an emergency situation.

If you are an expert, you can also write an essay on computer science reviewing such programs from the technical point of view. A teacher must take a leadership role in preparing to respond to intruders, no matter how frightening it might be. Creators of simulations hope that they will help teachers stay calm in a real emergency.

Teachers are also encouraged to tailor scenarios for a school attack and use active shooter drill. Although none of these guarantee that no one will get hurt, it’s well-known that people who learn how to protect themselves act more quickly when someone tries to hurt them. If your school doesn’t do lockdown drills, it’s a good idea to take some time and look around to identify potential hiding places and the items that might be useful for a barricade.

As the Oregon Trail School District emphasizes, the more you plan and drill these plans, the more automatic your response may be. However, some people add that it’s better to focus more on reducing violence and want to make owning a gun illegal.


Many parents think that the whole process of an active shooter drill is a traumatizing experience. In all scenarios there is a teacher or an administrator jiggling the doorknob and a second adult staying with students and spurring them into action or saying to stay quiet, depending on the situation. The simulations are very realistic. As a result, some children can’t stop thinking about the real emergency: when it’s going to happen, how they will act, and who it will be.

Some educational authorities argue that the simulations take it too far and may change a school to the point where a student sees a shooting as something inevitable. They believe that a school is a place where children should write essays and learn how to protect themselves without overly realistic simulations.

Everyone knows that the feeling of safety links to good mental and physical health, so parents want their child to feel safe at school and concentrate more on studying and writing essays instead of going through too realistic drills. This is the reason why some principals prefer lockdown drills without barricading and hiding. 

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