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Anti-Depression Medication

According to an analysis by The New York Times, in the United States 15.5 million people take antidepressants. Is it possible to overcome depression in natural ways? Depression is a sign of deterioration of the body. According to research, most depressions are caused by physical and biochemical transformations in our body. These can be various forms of physical illnesses, biochemical changes caused by inappropriate lifestyle and following modifications in the system of hematopoiesis and blood circulation. The fight against depression is to confront such situations so that even the unpleasant can become bearable.

Since depression is a common topic for essays, here we will show you how to write about it and the ways to overcome it. This topic is good for sociology papers, as well as for those in psychology.

How to Deal with Depression?

Here are a few pieces of advice. In addition, you can learn them for yourself (we are sure that students often face issues connected with stress).

State of Mind

If you are prone to depressive states, control your thoughts all the time. Write an essay about your state of mind. Do not let depression cover your mind.


Do not consume foods that excite and irritate the nervous system (these are foods of animal origin and sweets). Give up the late menu. It is acceptable to eat more during breakfast because in the morning the body digests food better than at any other time of the day. It is imperative to adhere to the diet. You shouldn’t eat in between particular meals because random and irregular food negatively affects the process of digestion. By the way, products containing vitamins B (spinach, cabbage, beans, whole grains, sprouted wheat) help with depressed spirit.


Another unusual but effective way to fight depression is to stimulate the skin with a rigid brush. Movements should be made slowly and evenly, starting from the fingertips in the direction of the heart, without missing any part of the body. After that, take a cool or warm (but not hot) shower, paying attention to the fact that the stream of water falls into the place between the shoulder blades. It stimulates the work of the adrenal glands. You can read nursing essays about this.


Stick to the regime not only in meals but also in sleep. Include breathing exercises during which you need to deeply inhale the air and hold it in the lungs for a few seconds. Slowly breathe out.


Manage your conversations so that they are funny or at least on neutral topics. Do not speak only about yourself and unhappy disposition. People in depression are prone to pity and self-digging. Stop blaming yourself in your depressed condition. Try to be stronger and control yourself. You will successfully overcome it.


Talk with your loved ones about depression. It's more pleasurable than locking yourself in your own dark world and holding everything inside. Even if people around you do not adequately understand the cause of your condition, their support and right word can be of invaluable help. When you are depressed, you need communication and not isolation from the world.

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Get involved in sports. Studies have shown that 30 minutes of workouts elevate the mood for the next 12 hours. Engage yourself with pleasures and look for joy even in insignificances.

Use these tips, and all antidepressants will become unnecessary. 

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