Selling the Invisible: Essay on Marketing of Services

Selling Empty Space

Could you please answer a question how to sell a thing which you cannot see? It sounds impossible, as usually we want to be sure in what we buy. However, when we are buying a service, in fact, we are paying for a promise that someone will do something for us. Imagine that you are going to a beauty salon – first, you order a new haircut, and only in a while you can see and touch it. Actually, we live in the age of services. Do you remember when you could only go to Levi’s store and buy the pair of jeans?

Descriptive Essay. Social Roles. Part 1


What social roles can an adult member of society play? In what case can social roles conflict with each other? What did the socio-psychological experiments of Milgram and Zimbardo show? Our task is to find out all this. This will be all the better for you if you decide to write a sociology essay on this topic.

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