Essay on Benefits of Self-Education: What You Need to Know

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Today, you hear something about self-education from almost everybody. And those things are overwhelmingly positive. Today we are going to talk about whether all of that is true or rather some inaccurate exaggeration. Well, no need to be skeptical off the reel: we are going to sort it out as it should be.

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Secondary Education Level as a Trigger

Of course, level of education is different in different parts of the world, but the trend is as follows: the quality of secondary education often turns out to be insufficient and creates the idea of uselessness of any efforts aimed at adjusting yourself to the existing system simply because of lack of any benefits. Sometimes, secondary education is enough for disillusionment and shifting the focus of attention towards something else. And that something else might be self-education.

Access to a Wide Range of Options Available

With self-education you choose credible sources by yourself and the framework of education process, and that gives you more freedom in building your personal curriculum. Definitely worth trying out, isn’t it?

Learning Becomes Free of Imposed Systemic Regulations

Does the quality really suffer from it? That’s a tricky question, of course. It all depends on specific curriculum and approach elaborated in each particular case. But you can’t deny that the illusion of “nothing distracts you from concentrating only on learning useful things” is strong.

Profession-Oriented Aspect in Self-Education

Highly specialized knowledge customized to your future profession can be a game-changer in your decision to opt for a certain pattern of education. Self-education via online courses sometimes can do the trick for that.

More Immediate Access to Knowledge

Such knowledge is sometimes not canonical, of course, but you save your time, and again, you never know what is going to be more beneficial for your future profession that will definitely require practical skills.

The eventual drawback is probably the fact that despite being more immediate, self-education or free online courses often lack some solid theoretical basis. In some cases, it’s even not well-structured. As with lots of other things in life, here you have the double-edged sword.

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You Decide How and When to Learn Something New

Yes, that’s essential part of that “more freedom” side. Agree that sometimes deciding on your own what you have to do and when is not just seducing, it’s essential. Education is by no means an exception to this.

Different Techniques Aimed at Lifting Productivity Are Constantly Being Elaborated

You have probably heard a lot about different techniques aimed at enhancing our capabilities of memorizing and learning something in a more productive way. Despite such things being at the very heart of any human activity, they nevertheless tend to be annoying, especially typical self-education discourse and the ways it represents itself. 

Are Some of the Disciplines More Yielding to Mastering the DIY way?

Yes, of course, they are, especially practice-oriented ones. The application layer of a discipline can be learnt through elaborated shortcuts with a swing.

Dangers and Pitfalls

Like the Enlightenment years that are constantly acclaimed as the first proto-model of our modern society, self-education tends to suffer from the same evaluation system. There are visibly too many benefits for nearly everyone, but the quality of the product you are very likely to create for yourself may be tangibly inferior to any rose-colored expectations.

As you see, the issue of self-education is a very debatable one. Although its future is definitely promising, if not downright bright, still many cautions are worth being taken into consideration.

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