Writing Essays for Dummies or The Main Steps of a Novice Writer

Writing Skills

The opinion on the skill of writing is divided into two categories. Some people believe that writing is extremely easy, the main thing is to start, and then just follow the flight of fantasy. Others consider writing a very difficult, almost impossible task, which takes away most of their energy and gives nothing in return – neither pleasure nor positive result. To learn more, check crazyessay.com/write-my-essay.

We immediately say our verdict – it is not difficult to write. It is hard to write well. All other opinions, guesses and assumptions revolve around these two immutable truths.

Why is it difficult to write well? There can be a variety of different reasons, in particular:

  • A person does not have a fantasy and know neither what to begin with, nor how to develop a topic;
  • A person has an excess of imagination and he or she cannot properly structure the thoughts, which displace each other and do not give an opportunity to put them on paper;
  • A person does not know the target audience for which he or she is going to write, accordingly, there is no understanding of the direction, style and potential structure of the text;
  • A person knows what to write about, however, as soon as it comes to writing, he or she understands that the sentences are angular, the phrases are wrong and everything, in general, does not reflect the interesting thoughts at all;
  • This is another task from an endless chain of monotonous ones and the person simply does not have strength, inspiration and motivation to work on it.

No matter what, the ability to write well is extremely important. It is doubtful that you will ever come across a situation in your life in which you suddenly discover that your writer's infirmity is your adornment. In addition to the fact that correct and convincing writing reflects your thoughts, helps you conduct business, smooths things over, develops diplomacy and is simply a mark of intelligence, it can also be a powerful tool of influence and a means of salvation.

If you want to master this tool or at least try to do it, then follow certain rules which we will discuss now. Note that it is a question of standard advice and recommendations for those people who are just beginning to learn the orientation in the jungle of writing:

  • Remember the standard structure of any text. It is about the introduction, the main part and the conclusion. There have already been told so much different information about these issues that there is no point in repeating it again. Just take into account that ignoring this structure can lead to sad consequences;
  • Follow the division into paragraphs in accordance with a specific thought, starting at the beginning of the paragraph and concluding at its end. The huge shapeless canvas of the text, even if it is divided into three parts, which we have already talked about, will become a tombstone of the approval of your reader;
  • Do not forget about accompanying facts, figures, confirmations, references to opinions of authoritative people. This will help your text look more convincing and not be unfounded. If you have parallel thinking on a similar topic, which can be cited as an analogy, do it boldly, however carefully, so as not to go to the wrong side of the narrative basis;
  • Be responsible while selecting sources. Do not seek to collect all the information on the first sites of the SERP. A high search rating does not guarantee certainty. It is better to sit longer, explore several sources, do their comparative analysis, perhaps even find suitable paper-based books and take information from them. You write not only for the reader, but for yourself, so hack-work does not make sense – as a result, you will waste time and will not get any benefits from such a pseudo work;
  • Do not overlook such an important point as proofreading. Be sure to check your text for errors so that you do not look foolish afterwards;
  • There are avant-garde currents in the literature, implying the complete negation of the logical sequence of narration, however, this has nothing to do with the essay. Your text should be logical and understandable, it should not break the reader's brain.

These tips will be your first lanterns in the world of writing. Fill them with kerosene of your desire and courageously step on the misty path of new achievements.

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