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So, it makes sense to start from afar. Management is a fairly modern science, very flexible and dynamic - learn more at It adapts to modern realities and therefore it is not possible to obtain exhaustive information about it as a science. However, this can be attributed to the category of pluses since it is possible to find and describe a variety of different topics and it is much less likely to take the topic already explored. You can take a well-known topic, but present it from a different angle or from a different point of view. You can make a qualitatively new study or survey and write an interesting paper on the basis of these materials.

It would seem that everything looks very bright and promising. However, there are certain nuances and difficulties. They can be classified as follows:

  1. Some professors provide a list of topics from which you can choose what you like and this is the most successful option. However, not all are so lucky and sometimes the choice of a topic is your own task. The number one problem for many students is the complete lack of understanding of which topic to take and in which direction to move. It is good, if you have a favorite topic or a favorite management section, it will be easier for you to decide on the topic. But what if there are none of them?
  2. You decide to act slyly and find the first available topic on the Internet. Then it is enough just to paraphrase someone else's text and give the task completed to the professor. But is the assignment really completed? Here, alternatives are possible: the professor will detect a scam and give you a low grade; the professor will consider the theme inappropriate (this is very likely in the light of the fact that at the time of the search you made a start from the availability of any topic on the Internet, and not from the preferences of the professor and the current direction of studying management); the professor will declare the assignment to be completed, but you will lose – you will not get any new knowledge. Is that why you came to study at the university?
  3. You know management brilliant, answer well at seminars, perfectly describe the given topic, but are completely incapable of doing the written work from scratch. You need to be given direction and then you will be able to cope with any task. You yourself are burning with desire to write an excellent work, but you cannot get the right acceleration.

In advance, let us say that before you start writing, you need to carefully explore the chosen topic. Information is now generally available – the Internet and paper carriers are at your disposal. But the choice of the topic should be the most successful in order that you are interested in writing. We offer you several options that you can use as a theme.

Management and Leadership

This is a fairly common topic, but it does not lose interest or relevance because of this. Here you can consider the relationship between the two concepts, their differences, their impact on the work of the enterprise and on production flows. Consider whether one concept emerges from the other, whether they are integrated into the overall picture of the functioning of the enterprise or are fundamentally different types of manipulation of people. Which method quickly leads to the achievement of the goal, is it possible to combine them, etc.

Conflict Management

Such an essay should put the conflict as such at the center of consideration, and the main goal of the research should be to find the optimal solution to smooth out the conflict. This is a very successful topic in the light of the fact that it is possible to select and discuss a variety of different methods and tactics for leveling the problem situation, explain their advantages and disadvantages, and bring arguments in favor of the best method in the end. There may be several good tactics. In addition, the choice of method depends on the specific enterprise and team, this should also be mentioned in the essay.

Risk Management

In such a paper, you can show your knowledge of the financial sphere, simulate the situation of the financial crisis, the typical behavior of people in such situations and the typical mistakes of managers. The modeling method will help you make your research even more unique, because this approach allows you to recreate different situations in accordance with your chosen essay writing strategy. You can easily sum up the simulation results to the desired conclusion or vice versa.

Investment Management

Very fascinating and modern topic, closely related to the previous one. If desired, they can be combined since risk plays a key role in investing. Consider the rationality of investing in various stages of enterprise development, tell about the advantages of investing from private investors or entire enterprises.

Time Management

This is a huge scientific section, a great variety of different studies are devoted to it. Here you can move in almost any direction. Consider different types of people: those who continually postpone things and what it leads to, those who strive for excellence and sometimes it comes to the point of absurdity, those who are indifferent to time and their work duties. Uncover the topic in the focus of actions that would lead the enterprise to prosperity. Tell about the human qualities necessary to achieve the goals: the ability to negotiate, delegate responsibilities, the right timing, decision-making, brainstorming.

These are only variants, but they guarantee you good grades and the praise of the professor with the right approach to writing. In a separate topic, you can mention some aspects of other ones, but do it carefully and only if necessary. We wish you successful writing.

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