Writing a Paper on Mental Disorders: Mastering the Writing Skills


Sooner or later, you will get your first task in a college or university for essay writing on some specific topic. Do not panic: with a profound knowledge of your subject and a coherent preparation you will manage to write even the most complex paper on nursing without any problem. Here’s the way how to do your essay.

Definition, Immersion, Discussion

Yes, it is not a school essay anymore, it is more serious and needs a coherent research, still, some main components remain. To provide your professor with an excellently written paper, you are to bear in mind the main tips on structure and filling the content accurately.

First of all, begin with a short introduction to your paper. State the main thesis you are going to explore and mention the issues to be described here.

"As stated in the title, the diagnosis is related to the mental wellness of a human being. It causes suffering of the patient which may lead to the incapacity of a normal life style. Hereby, I will shed some light on the main peculiarities of such a disease and the development of its treatment. I will observe the general definition of the term "mental illness", trace it back to history and compare it with the today’s attitude to this disease. I will classify the separate disorders into different groups to provide a connection between their symptoms."

So, the "door" is created, now it is time to provide the readers with a concrete information - the skeleton of your work. Unless you are writing a term paper for Doctoral degree, you can be a bit more "relaxed" in the style of writing. Of course, the medical English, figures and facts are obligatory, thus it is a paper of a student, so do not make yourself sound like a robot, make it easy for everyone to comprehend.

The Definition and Causes

"According to the Encyclopedia of ... mental disorders are the irritation of the mental health of a person which can provoke unordinary thinking, speaking and acting, that sometimes harms both the person and the surrounding people. The person diagnosed with mental illness must be immediately taken care of, which is both self-treatment, avoiding the triggers of disorder, and hospitalization.

The causes of human psychiatric disorder are still unclear, which can be explained by the individual approach to every patient with such symptoms. Some symptoms appear after a trauma, others can be spotted after a terrific event or since birth. The doctors are still trying to understand the reasons of such behaviors in order to effectively prevent them."

Types of Disorders


Here are some of the most common types to mention in your paper on mental health disorders:

  • Anxiety disorder. Panic responds to any sort of inconvenience in different situations, which are most likely to have no danger;
  • Mood disorder. Any critical mood change that lasts for extraordinary long (or short!) period;
  • Psychotic disorders. The way those people perceive the world is distorted and causes hallucinations which are false images and sounds of the surroundings;
  • Eating disorders. A special attitude to eating and food in general, most likely because of the fear of gaining or losing weight;
  • Impulse control disorders. The acting and impulse control becomes a challenge, which involves drugs and alcohol addictions. This disease indicates losing control of the own body;
  • Personality disorders. The way of behaving differently than what is expected by the society, by taking and acting to cause problems and inconveniences for other people. Such disorder interferes the inner world of the person which also leads to a self-dissatisfaction;
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder. The obsessive fear of something that causes behaving in some certain way or performing certain rituals to feel better;
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder. It is a shock which can last for a long period of time after some traumatic event and constant thinking of it will harm the mental health of a person.

Special tip. Draw a scale or a table to demonstrate these types and make the image clear and understandable.


For some diseases, there are ways to ease the impact, others can even be prevented. There is a number of programs for its prevention that successfully deal with the problem. However, each and every person should understand that a healthy lifestyle with good relationship with people, set goals in life and avoiding constant stress will do their job when the disease is not in-born. There are the examples of successful people who have managed to live a fulfilled life with their diseases and contributed to different spheres of life.

Discussion Strategy

Stand by the notable research works of psychiatrists as they usually deal with such a disease. Apply to the quotes of influential scientists to prove your arguments. What can you argue about? As a person who still possesses a small amount of knowledge in this sphere, you are not expected to invent a treatment or a real cause of it, but your logical suppose will be interesting for a professor to read. This makes you an independent tool of logical thinking, not a copy paste machine.

What is a special treat to the person who has issues with mental health? How should they be taken care of? Muse on this question and propose your solutions.

Prepare thoroughly to writing a paper as it may be the best way to show yourself as a future expert in medicine. Be attentive and curious, write only true facts and do not forget to include references as well. If you feel like needing some help, do not hesitate to ask us and we will surely assist you in writing.

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