How to Be Able to Read Art Paintings


If your art teacher is a "monster" who is trying to make you see a masterpiece in a black square - you are at the right place. Our service on art will help you understand why art paintings are so well appreciated nowadays (and have always been actually) as well as how to move a bit closer to understanding art. Making sense of what you see is not a big deal actually. Many people have been doing it before you and even more will do it afterwards. But first of all, let's define what exactly you are going to explore.

What is Art?

And why art? For most people, it is a great sign of your status in a society. A gift for appreciating the pieces of masterpiece with the own eyes have not been given to all people for a long time already.

First kings and queens, then notable professors and scientists, now all people who want it - the process of painting admiration has become open to everyone willing to get closer to the wonders of human talents. Art is a way in which we express ourselves, with panting, sculpting, playing musical instruments we release our inner wishes to be seen, to be heard and to be understood. Doctors advise their patients to paint or craft anything with their hands as it brings a long-awaited relieve, it aids in their improvement by all means at the best side. Art is a mean of curing and empowering those, who feel weakened because of either mental of physical state.


Why paintings? It is a special type of art that make the heart beat faster just for looking at it while showing no motion and, at the same time, the whole world. Many scientists claim that observing paintings that we like brings us pleasure and at the same time deepens our alternative understanding of the surrounding world. Drawing gives some kind of a freedom to get rid of your feelings in the most evident way, to reflect them on paper and look at it from a different side.

People have their favorite painters whom they trust the most at the question of affecting their inner world. No matter if it is realistic, tending to more classical painting or some futuristic abstract composition with the elements of technological support - nowadays we are free to choose the kind of art we love and freely speak it out.

Look through these main tips on reading art correctly to guide you in the world of beauty perception:

  • Look at it with your heart. If you were taught at the art classes good, you would have heard this expression: "Read the painting with your heart, not with your mind". And it is fully correct. If to remember the main goal of art - to impress, to affect, capture the viewer - you will understand what the painter really wants to say with it;
  • Do not be afraid if your interpretation differs from the others' one. Art is not created for all people to have the same associations with the works. That is why the painters never leave" instructions" on how to read their works. But they do it intentionally so that each and every person can find something for themselves;
  • Put yourself in the painter's shoes. Naturally, artists draw about their own feelings and impressions, they imply a secret message in their works or an emotion they want you to catch through the canvas;
  • Take the first look and then put it aside. Sometimes a certain mood is required for "feeling" the idea of the work. Try to observe the painting while listening to some music or after a long walk in the park. Surely, you will not be able to concentrate on some abstract piece of art after a loud party with friends;
  • Do some research about its creation. There may be a really interesting story connected to the drawing or the reason of creating the work. There may be a biography of an artist to read about and understand the way he or she has come to the point of drawing a piece of painting on a specific theme;
  • Use your imagination. It is a great chance to fantasize a bit and make up the whole world out of a painting on the wall. Discover the universe, hidden behind the canvas and it will tell you a lot of its secrets. Get abstracted from the main idea of it. Do not only look at the center of painting, do not only look at in at the front side. Have a glance at the minor details to put the pieces into a whole picture;
  • Do not try to use words to read the art paintings. Words are not enough to describe it, not always. You may let the impression that the picture has made on you open new horizons and broaden your mind.

Perhaps, after a few or all of these rituals, the black square of Malevich will not seem that humdrum for you anymore and, even more, sometimes it pays a moment to realize the main notion of it, when you will learn to notice the most unnoticeable things in such works, that can be visible only to the real experts in art masterpiece.

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