No Fluff, No Pen. Five Ways to Come out Dry from Water

Desperate Student

Session is the most stressful time of the academic year, when normal sleep and rest many become something from the category of fiction. This is a time of reckoning for all that you have not finished learning at the time, have not passed or just have left for later.

In addition to preparing for tests and examinations during the session time student immerse in the atmosphere of overall haste. Characteristically, haste affects all without exception. Professors crumple material that they did not have time to read, students run one after the other in search of abstracts, the full version of which no one possesses and they have to assemble it like an enigmatic puzzle. Time is very short and it turns into the most significant value, for which the students would give a lot.

The leitmotif of your session period should be a phrase - "Session: this is not the end of the world". To deal with the stress and fatigue without sacrificing yourself and your health you should just follow this simple guidance.

  1. 1. Self-Therapy

    This is not a joke or mockery. You might write down your anxieties before taking exams. This is a great technique to cope with stress and avoid jamming or looping on the bad outcome. The higher your nervous load, the more likely it is that this method will support you. Scientists are convinced that, despite the fact that usually during certain important occasions people are extremely motivated to show themselves in the best of their knowledge, often a psychological lock prevents them from doing so.

    Researches with different groups of students showed that a written presentation of anxiety and worry 10 minutes before the exam allowed the participants of experiment to release mental forces that otherwise would inevitably be constrained by disturbing thoughts and trouble.

  2. 2. Alternate Rest and Study

    Naturally, students are always in a hurry and do not always have time, especially on the last night before the exam. However, believe, the best way is to take hour to sleep, relax, take a walk in the fresh air and with renewed energy start learning. Sitting in a room for hours and suffering from headaches and stress is the road to nowhere. All of your obtained knowledge can be overwritten by the brain, which cannot withstand the load and tries to protect itself as much as possible from potential danger.

    Healthy sleep is recommended by not only psychologists, but also by teachers themselves. Many generations of students, who became professors later, proved that the knowledge obtained on the last night before the exam, is short-lived. Even if you successfully pass the examination, this information does not linger in your head, and if once you will need it again, your brain will have to do all the same monotonous work on their research and memorization.

  3. 3. Learn Properly

    Never try to read and learn everything at once. Create certain system with the unstructured information flow, otherwise soon you risk turning your head into a seething volcano of disconnected facts. Do not underestimate definition, they can serve as travel milestones in the study of subject intricacies. Many professors pay attention to the abundance of specific terminology in the response and can ask the meaning of a particular word at any time. So, do not use words, meanings of which you do not know. It will not show your erudition, and vice versa, can cause a reduction of tour final mark or even the exam failure.

    Do not learn your abstract by rote. This is inefficient and takes too much time. Independently analyze the information and present it in your own words. You will see how simpler will become your understanding of complex things.

  4. 4. Planning


    At the start of exam preparation, it is better for you to draw up a plan of when, how and what you will learn and repeat. Plan your time in advance and do not deviate from the chosen run-up direction.

    It is also considerable to alternate subjects while preparing. Give the brain the ability to switch from one subject to another. It will train him and give the opportunity to relieve himself. A huge piece of information of all subject themes for the academic year can be a burden, if it is presented at once.

    Make crib sheets. It is not necessary to use it during the exam. In the process of preparing for the exam crib sheets are a kind of your knowledge revision. With their assistance, you will memorize more facts, create a custom guide of the needed material, gain the moral confidence in your knowledge. After all, you will always have the comforting thought that even in the case of forgetting something the rescuer is near.

  5. 5. Sedatives

    Pouring Tea

    Not a bad option, especially if self-therapy in your case is powerless and you just cannot cope with panic. However, in this case, as elsewhere, it is necessary to adhere golden middle and do not abuse.

    At the pharmacy, ask to give you the safest sedative, its reception will quickly relieve tension and irritability, stop anxiety and feelings of fear, help cope with stress and headaches caused by nervous tension.

    More acceptable and safe option would be natural herbs. For therapeutic purposes, one uses valerian root, St. John's wort, which has a mild antidepressant effect and strengthens the nervous system, peppermint, lavender, chamomile, and many other herbs. You can make tea using one of these herbs or mix them up and make a healing broth. This broth can be drunk several times a day in times of nervous tension exacerbation.

    Herbs like lavender and sweet balm can be used for soothing baths. It is enough to boil them for a few minutes, filter and then add to the bath.

    Calming properties of essential oils are truly legendary. They can also be added to the bath or you can purchase aromatic lamp. Special qualities that affect the nervous system positively have essential oils of rose, myrrh, sandalwood, mandarin, orange. In order to surely achieve the desired result, it is best to do a mixture of essential oils. You might choose a mix yourself or find ready variants through Internet surfing. Pine essential oil has a great calming effect and helps you fall asleep, mandarin eliminates fear.

    If you are not allergic to essential oils, you can purchase the aromatic pendant and drip there oil which soothes you best.

    For fast and successful session passing it is best to ready for it in advance. If the mission is already failed, alternate studies and walking outdoors. Remember that we are talking primarily about your nerves. It is better to come on exam unprepared and accept punishment for your irresponsible attitude to studies than prepared, but the killed nervous system.

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