Essays against Abortion: Basic Hints and Extra Advice for Getting A+!

There are a lot of essays against abortion written. Thus, it is not that easy to complete a good one with original thoughts and valid argumentation. Here we are going to help you giving some common hints on writing an essay against abortion as well as advice for making your essay better.


Essays against Abortion: Type of Essay Writing

Firstly, you should understand, that if you need to support a certain side and provide arguments, you deal with an argumentative essay writing type. It is based on the system of arguments, which are dealing with different sides of your contradictive topic, but support one certain opinion about it. Furthermore, together with the arguments, which support your side, you should include arguments to attack the opposite opinion.


Ideas for Arguments

If you think that abortion is bad, and you have no other thoughts on this, we have bad news for you: this won`t be enough. To prove that abortion is bad, you can use the following arguments:

  • Abortion Is Killing

When you kill the fetus, you kill a potential person. This is to be considered a crime. No one has the right to decide whether the person should live or not.

  • Abortion Brings Pain

Numerous research shows that a fetus is experiencing pain while abortion. This makes it a cruel and definitely unethical act.

  • Abortion Causes a Psychological Trauma

A woman, who has chosen abortion, will most likely regret of such a decision, but this will be too late. The psychological trauma is the natural reaction to such a behavior and is based on the main woman`s instinct.

  • Abortion Brings Harm to a Woman`s Health

The procedure of abortion can cause up to infertility and serious troubles with the next pregnancies. This will be an issue for the particular woman as well as for the society.

  • Abortion Is Worse than Giving Baby for Adoption

Instead of killing women should better give their unwanted babies for adoption. In case of legalization of abortion, the number of children for adoption will significantly grow.

  • Abortion Is Often a Discrimination

A lot of abortions were made due to health issues of the fetus. This makes the people with disabilities feel odd in society and this contributes to the bad attitude towards them.

  • Abortion Is Not Contraception

Women should take abortion maximally serious, and understand, that it is not a mean of contraception.


How to Improve Your Essays against Abortion?

It is good to know the basic requirements, but if you need the high grade, you should do better. Here are some tips for an essay improvement:

  • Statistics and Facts

Statistical data makes your essay more certain and reliable. The facts involved should not be doubtful or ambiguous, so your reader will take your side.

  • Emotional Influence

Some short stories dealing with abortion (there are a lot of them) will also influence the reader`s emotions and convince him that your opinion is the only one possible and true from the ethical and moral point of view.


How to Make Sure to Get A?

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