A Gender Inequality Essay: What Should Be Included?

Gender inequality is a sociological issue, but we deal with it practically every day. We all are of a certain sex. Therefore, it is important for us to learn more on the issue through the gender inequality essay. We should know that biological differences are not the good basis for social differentiations.


Gender Inequality Essay: Factors of This Issue

To understand a certain phenomenon or an issue, we should go to its roots. Nothing appears from nothing. Considering a gender inequality, there can be the following groups of factors, on which the issue is based.

       1. Biological Differences

Surely, biological differences are something that we cannot refuse. The difference in the body structure leads to differences in co-existence.

       2. Psychological Differences

The psychological differences are pretty much based on the biological ones. If a person is different from you, this means that considering it to be good to some extend means considering yourself to be bad. This is a psychological reaction one should fight with thinking about the issue much deeper. Also, they say about so-called men`s and women`s logic, which are principally different in everyday behavior.

       3. History

The history of the gender relationship also has a certain influence on the today`s situation. Women tend to have much less rights, and now, after they have equal rights, the historical memory still exists.

       4. Religion

Some religions support the gender inequality and actually we cannot argue with this. Religion is what people believe in. Thus, if a certain group accepts the religion dogmas, they try their best to act according to them in their everyday life.


Gender Inequalities: Consequences

Having reviewed the causes and factors, you may now look into modern world. Your questions are:

  • How the gender inequality appears in the modern world?

Obviously, you should put an emphasis on the fact, that women are more likely to be mistreated than men. This can be easily explained looking back to factors that form the gender inequality. You can also talk about the stereotypes here, as most of gender ones are quite sexist.

  • In which spheres can we observe this issue?

The gender inequality can be reviewed as a common social issue as well as a concrete problem of a certain family. Also, you can mention that gender inequality may take place at workplace, in the sphere of education, within a family relationship, on the market of certain products as well. As everybody talks about the women being pressed, as this is more frequent situation, it will be interesting for you to mention the situations, where men are being discriminated.

  • What kind of consequences does it have?

The gender inequality has a number of consequences. Besides the psychological impact, women or men can have limited possibilities factually, and this is unacceptable. Talking about this point, you should better use some facts or statistical data to illustrate your thoughts and make them clearer.

  • What Can Be Done?

Finally, after you have analyzed the situation in-depth, you can suggest the ways to resolve the situation. Feel free to speak your mind, as your opinion will be appreciated.


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