How to Write a Critical Lens Essay Effectively and with No Mistakes

Writing of a critical lens is quite specific as it is almost impossible to find a sample for your particular requirements. Therefore, CrazyEssay.Com is ready to help on this and give some good tips on how to write a critical lens essay.


What Is a Critical Lens Essay?

Before you start, it is necessary to clearly understand, what a critical lens essay is. So, critical lens essay is mostly an assignment on Literature. You are given a certain quote or saying, which plays the function of your critical lens. Also, you are required to review certain literary works (specified in assignment instructions or it is up to you to choose). Those works are to support your understanding of the given quote within the essay writing.


What Parts Should Your Essay Have and What Is Specific about Them?

As your critical lens essay is still an essay, it has the common structure of 3 main parts, including introduction, body part and conclusion in the given order. However, the content should reflect the essay’s aim and there will be some specifications to every part.


  • Content of Introduction for a Critical Lens Essay

An introduction tells your reader, what you are going to write about. That is why it is necessary for you to write down the quote in it and explain how you understand it. The tone of writing and the thoughts included should be followed in further parts. At the end of this first paragraph you should formulate a good thesis statement to link your introduction to the next essay part.


  • Content of the Critical Lens Essay Body Part

It is not a surprise that your body part needs to have 3 paragraphs or more. Nevertheless, this does not mean that each literary work analysis should be separated in a paragraph. You should better structure your essay based on certain ideas, features etc. In each paragraph you should mention all the works in brief and taking into account the specific aspect you need.


  • Conclusion of a Critical Lens Essay

If you do not know what to write in your conclusion, go back to your introduction and read it again. The paraphrased thesis statement is already one sentence you have. Also, check, whether your thoughts have been well-supported by the books. If so, you may already have some findings and conclusion is the best place for them. Do not try to go on writing and never tell some new features or ideas, which have not been mentioned in the body of your critical lens essay.


Avoid Common Mistakes in Critical Lens Essay Writing

There are a few common mistakes students make due to not-understanding of how to write a critical lens essay properly. We decided to tell you them not to follow the same steps.


  • Summary of the Books

There is a significant difference between the summary and critical lens essays. Remember, that you do not need to summarize the literary works’ plot, but just tell about the parts and aspects, which refer to your specifically required quote.

  • No Quotes

It won’t be possible for you to support your thoughts without including the quotes from the sources used. Therefore, try to keep the good balance of quotes and your personal opinion. There should not be too many borrowed information.


Help with Critical Lens Essay

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