Topics for descriptive essay and basic rules of proper description.

Before you start, here are some tips on descriptive essay:

  • Despite what is your subject of writing is you are to create a bright and dynamic image of it.
  • The rule of good description is referring to various senses of the reader. This can be achieved by creating sensual images addressing the reader’s sight, sound, taste, smell and touch abilities.
  • Do not be afraid to use figurative language. Include metaphors that make unanimated subjects alive, alliterations and assonances, which reiterate the sounds your writing subject produces.
  • Pay much attention to the details: find those ones that are the most characteristic for your subject and include then into the body paragraphs.

Topics for the descriptive essay:

  1. The best place to do a homework
  2. Your favorite place for reading
  3. Your dream apartment
  4. Your first day at college or high school
  5. The day of your graduation
  6. Learning a foreign language
  7. The first date in your life
  8. How you make a speech
  9. How you write an essay for college
  10. The process of completing home tasks
  11. Being an actor
  12. Your first job
  13. The first workday.
  14. The visit to a history museum
  15. A souvenir brought from a foreign country
  16. Photo of you from childhood.
  17. Final exams.
  18. Speaking out in front of auditory.
  19. Giving a lecture.
  20. The process of getting a scholarship.
  21. How you cook lunch.
  22. Your breakfast.
  23. The perfect weekend.
  24. The ideal working day.
  25. Your daily routine.
  26. The best friend of yours.
  27. Your primary school teacher.
  28. The most respected professor.
  29. A teacher whose classes you like the most.
  30. Your hobby.
  31. Your favorite kind of sport.
  32. The best memory from childhood.
  33. A stranger that you met in the morning.
  34. Your worst foe.
  35. A person that you respect.
  36. Famous people that inspire us.
  37. The worst work day.
  38. How you manage your time.
  39. Getting the first salary in your life.
  40. Receiving a bad grade first time in your life.
  41. Your addiction.
  42. How you gave up smoking.
  43. A person without bad habits.
  44. People in London.
  45. Street fashion in the city you have recently visited.
  46. The best shopping tour in your life.
  47. The best place for shopping.
  48. An experience that changed your life.
  49. An event that changed your world view.
  50. The most beautiful place that you have been to.
  51. The ugliest place in the world.
  52. A trip to the summer camp.
  53. First time taking a flight.
  54. Applying for a college.
  55. Writing a cover letter.
  56. Writing a persuasive speech.
  57. How you write a motivation letter.
  58. The lesson which you will remember lifelong.
  59. Visiting a friend that you have not seen for ages.
  60. A trip with your best friend.
  61. The first dance in your life.
  62. A rock concert.
  63. Experience of learning a new language.
  64. One day in an unknown city.
  65. Your favorite place to eat out. 

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