War essay: topics and writing guidelines.

War is one of the topics that we really need to discuss as it is a phenomenon, mostly negative, having substantial causes and vast effects. War has influence on people, their material state and spiritual health, society, countries with their economy and geopolitics. Basically, these are the aspects which you can touch upon in your essay. Our article will provide you with important writing guidelines for writing an effective paper and some ideas for topics.

Writing guidelines for war essay.

  • The first thing that you have to do is to choose the topic. Apart from choosing it, you should, what is important, narrow it into the manageable aspect. This means that you cannot write about war in general, unless you are asked for, but must select the focus and build your thesis upon it.
  • Consider your assignment and what you are expected to write. Determine the main concepts in your task and make sure that you address them in your writing.
  • War is a topic that requires you operating facts. Conduct a good research and gather those pieces of evidence that will let you prove your position. You should take into account that war usually has two or even more sides, thus, the opinions in sources may differ. This is why you should be careful with picking out the information and using it for proving your points.

War essay topic list:

War and society

  • Militarism and demilitarization.
  • War and society is Ancient Greece.
  • Influence of war on youth.
  • War and society in Ancient Rome.
  • How to live in militarized society.
  • Influences of Cold War on social strata.
  • Post-Cold War society.
  • Impacts of war in different periods of history.
  • Relationships between war and society.
  • Which social strata benefit from war?
  • How does militarization affect the daily life of common people?
  • Can war tear up society?
  • Ethnicity and war.
  • Can world exist without warfare?
  • Helping children in the war zone.
  • Women and war on the Middle East.

War and history.

  • Why are wars said to be engines of progress?
  • The greatest wars in human history.
  • The biggest battles in the World War II.
  • Darwinism and war: how are they connected?
  • The Cold War: its causes and effects.
  • Comparative analysis of the World War I and World War II.
  • What are the causes of the war in Iraq?
  • Korean War and its influence on Japan.

The concept of war.

  • War as a conflict.
  • War as a universal aspect of human existing.
  • Etymology of war.
  • People’s behavior during the war.
  • General causes of wars.
  • Economy effects of war.
  • The motivation theories of wars.
  • War rules and ethics.
  • What are the factors that make war end?
  • Evolutionary theory of war motivation.
  • Never-ending wars: do they exist?
  • Rationalist motivational theory of war.
  • War concept in art.
  • Death toll in the largest wars.
  • Are there ways to avoid wars?

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