Speech on Overpopulation: Tips for a Good Delivery

Overpopulation is a good topic for a speech, as you can talk about a lot of interesting facts. Furthermore, as overpopulation is a social issue, the speeches on this topic have an educative effect on the audience.


Speech on Overpopulation: Get Your Audience Involved

Every essay needs to be interesting. Talking about a speech, this requirement is extremely important, as your task is to make people listen to you. Here are some tricks for you to catch the attention of your audience.

          1. A Hook

The impression of the speech is being formed during a first minute. Therefore, you should take care of a good start. Talking about an overpopulation issue, you can start with the shocking statistical data. The numbers will attract your listeners and convince them in the issue being important enough to discuss. Use some reliable sources to get the true numbers.

          2. Examples

When talking about an overpopulation, this won`t be enough to tell just some general information. Examples on each statement will make your essay trustworthy and catchy. Use the information about the overpopulated countries, about the measures taken by their governments and the exact facts about the overpopulation consequences.

          3. Pictures, Tables etc.

As you are delivering a speech, you may use a projector for the better performance. It is good to talk on the issue, while your audience looks on the tables, numbers, and pictures, which serve your aim. Furthermore, no one will feel bored, if there are pictures on the screen. The most of information is being percept by people via the visual sense. To illustrate the overpopulation issue, you can show the overcrowded streets in China, or the extreme poverty scenes in some African countries. You can show up the comparison tables of the country with a normal population and of the overpopulated one etc.

         4. Rhetoric Means

When delivering a speech, you should also remember about the rhetoric tricks to make it better. You should make your audience active, so use the rhetoric questions and exclamations. When you question: “How can government cope with an overpopulation issue?” – Your listener actually thinks of the answer, even if not saying it aloud. Also, you should be certain in what you talk about, and this will contribute to your listeners` trust. One more thing: smile. A charismatic and smiling person has much more chances for a successful speech than a sad and uncertain one.


Aspects of Overpopulation to Talk about

There are a few aspects of overpopulation you should review in your speech.

          1. Causes

Practically each phenomenon has its cause, especially if talking about sociological issues. Therefore, think of the possible causes of overpopulation in general and/or on the example of a certain country.

          2. Effects

Overpopulation has bad consequences in the life of society. Actually, if it had no consequences, it would not be such a problem. Review all the spheres it has influence on: sociology, geography, economy, politics in general and/or talking about a certain country etc.

          3. Ways to Cope with the Issue

When an issue exists, there should be searching of ways to cope with it. Include the ways suggested by other scientists and try to think of your own ways of the issue resolving.


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