Marketing Research Papers. Let Us Start from the Beginning


Any specialty involves creating papers on certain topics. This can be a simple essay or a large work with elements of deep analysis. However, when it comes to marketing, it is quite another matter. Why? Because it has a certain specificity and in order to start writing a paper, you need to do at least its superficial study.

So, what is marketing? It seems that everyone knows the answer to this question for a long time. But is it? Is it possible to define without an in-depth study of the question? We will try at least to begin.

It is difficult to believe, but first formulations touching on this concept date back to the 30-40 years of the last century. Then they spoke of it as the implementation of business processes in the direction of the flow of goods and services from a producer to a consumer. Of course, this was not a definitive version of the wording and since then many other definitions have been proposed. Some were even recognized as official ones. They were refined and corrected from year to year, but never got a satisfactory form to this day.

This situation is very similar to what happened to management. Its definition for a long time was beyond the competence of even those who called themselves specialists too.

Uncertainty of the definition of marketing still annoys specialists, especially academic ones, compelled to explain to their students a scientific term on the basis of dozens of vague and diverse definitions. Every time when professionals are ready to enter the work path and apply the knowledge gained in practice, we are faced with the same problem – almost none of them can give a clear definition of their profession. The reason for this is vagueness and diversity of wording in textbooks and professional literature.

Formulations of Different Orders                                      

There are many marketing theorists who tried to give definitions to this subject at one time. For example, one of them sounds like this: it is a kind of human activity aimed at meeting needs through exchange. In the context of consideration of such generalized concepts as "need", this is a quite sufficient definition. But if we replace the word "marketing" with "trading" in this formulation, its correctness will be preserved for this concept. Why? One formulation for two different concepts? What is the matter? The answer is simple – too general words, used to convey the meaning of the concept.

Such formulations can be called formulations of the first order: marketing is a science of behavior that seeks to explain relationship that arises in the process of exchange. They are the first step in the right direction from general (abstract reasoning) to concrete (precise formulations).

Exact wording, second-order formulations are meant to be more specific, not permitting confusing the subject with others on general grounds. They should contain, as a necessary minimum, a specific reference to the subject, its essence, a field of application, subjects and objects, as well as the most important distinctive features of the concept and its mechanisms.

Attempts to give such a formulation were no less than general, first-order ones. Most of them are not final and cannot serve as a standard either in terms of theory or from the point of view of practice. In each of them, something is missing for an exhaustive disclosure of the meaning of the subject. Each of them has something to add and reduce. Obviously, there is no complete and precise formulation, an exhaustive definition of the concept of "marketing".

Evolution of the Term

In the 80s of the last century, the old concept was replaced by a new one: marketing is a process of planning and implementing a plan, pricing, promotion and realization of ideas, goods and services through exchange that satisfies goals of individuals and organizations. In this formulation, there is a desire to concretize the concept with its further development. Here, there is an indication of the essence of the concept, and of the "marketing cocktail", and division of objects of demand, and the field of application, and the indication of subjects. But again, there are not enough of some important components of the concept and correct words that accurately convey the content.

Since then, much has changed, practice has been enriched with new ideas and views. Many scientists closely followed the development of theory of the subject, searching for new, more accurate, adequate definitions in the professional literature.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the wording was updated: marketing is the organizational function and the totality of processes of creating, distributing (popularizing) and delivering value to a consumer, and management of customer relations for an organization and its shareholders in a profitable way.

Here! Finally, the right words that convey the essence of the concept are found – "creating value for a consumer." It is "values"! This is the right word, which did not want to be found and tormented many marketers. It most accurately expresses the subject. It is creation of "value" that marketing works on, without the appearance of which exchange does not make sense. This is one of the key words in the formulation of the concept of "marketing".

We will continue to consider the evolution of the concept in the following articles, and now we are approaching what we have mentioned at the very beginning and what our article is devoted to – topics for your work. We hope that the initial acquaintance with this science has become a good base for you to correctly disclose any of the selected topics. Do not forget about the main task of marketing and your paper, regardless of the chosen topic, will be relevant and scientifically justified.

We Approach Topics

If you are still here and continue reading, then you are definitely looking for topics which you could write your essay about. We want to say that this is a very broad direction and themes can be very different. Here we offer you only five pieces, but you can create new ones based on them, use them as subtopics, etc.

  1. TV advertising and its effect on the buyer's choice
  2. Social networks as a modern marketing tool
  3. E-mailing. Remnant of the past or a tool that was early written off
  4. What marketing stories have an effect on a buyer?
  5. Creation of a convenient website or how not to scare away buyers by inadequate design

We have told you many times that you always need to choose a topic which you are not indifferent to. Indifference kills enthusiasm, without which you cannot create a good paper. Think about that, after choosing a topic, you will have to do preliminary research, then complete one, then create a plan and act in accordance with unwritten educational laws. Can you work in this mode with a topic that is not of interest to you? This is unlikely.

You do not have the right to skip any step of creating an essay. The main statement of your work should cause some emotions, because you write for a specific purpose, and not for your professor to be calm. Remember that, first of all, you do everything for yourself. Professionals know practically everything about their subject, they study essays on the same topics from year to year. Therefore, approach the choice of a topic with full responsibility because this is your development and your studies.

And we will meet you in the following articles, where we will discuss marketing in detail. Our path in this direction is just beginning.

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