How to Write an Essay Introduction: Purposes to Achieve

Essay introduction is a part, when your reader decides, whether your essay is worth reading. Therefore, it is important to know how to write an essay introduction well to create a proper impression from the paper.


           What Is an Introduction For?
As you know, introduction is a compulsory part of every essay. What is it for?

     • Actual Introducing of the Topic
The thing is that your reader needs to get prepared for the information you are about to give. Thus, you should tell him what the topic is, introduce and explain it. For your reader to understand better, it is possible to tell about the background of the issue in brief.

     • Making a Reader Interested
An introduction is also used to catch the reader’s attention and create a certain intrigue for him to discover in the next paragraph.


           What Elements Should Be in Introduction to Reach Its Purposes?
There are two main elements of introduction, which serve to achieve the goals mentioned.

     • A Thesis Statement
A thesis statement is the best way to introduce the essay topic. It includes the actual topic, your personal opinion about it and a short overview of the points you are writing about in your body part. Usually it is included to the end of introduction as a linking sentence to the essay body. Although it is just a one sentence, it requires you to be accurate and exact. After your essay is written, it will be a good idea to go back to check the thesis statement: does it reflect the topic well? Are the arguments/points/features mentioned?

     • A Hook
A hook is the element to serve the second aim of making a reader interested. Well, it is not only the hook, which should be interesting, but the whole essay text. The hook should be placed on the very beginning of your essay and catch the attention of your reader. Here are some suggestions for the essay hooks:
       1. A Brief Story
When we say brief, this means 2-3 sentences, but no more. You can tell about a certain situation that deals with the topic. It may be an event, which actually made you interested in the topic, and which caused your writing of the essay on the issue. Make sure you are clear and concise. Remember, that your reader looks through the first 3 lines, and if he does not find anything interesting there, he won’t read further. Kindly, note, that story will set a tone of easy writing, and this is not always appropriate for an academic paper.
       2. A Proverb
Starting of your essay with a proverb makes your reader prepared for a serious logical thinking process. Your task is to find the best suitable proverb for the topic of your essay. Also, you need to explain is within one sentence, so your reader will see, which way of understanding is taken as a basis.
       3. Numbers
Numbers are interesting, exact and noticeable within letters. Thus, it will be a good idea to start with some shocking statistical data on the issue. However, do not start with your findings, as the point of writing a body part will actually be lost.


          A Lot of More Hints
You should understand, that this is not possible to include all the hints on how to write an essay introduction within a short text. Furthermore, every assignment is specific and introduction should serve its specific aims. To get assisted with an introduction for your essay paper, contact specialists working with CrazyEssay.Com

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