Essays on Teaching: Help in Choosing What to Write About

Teaching is a difficult process, which one needs to perform understanding the whole responsibility. Teaching may take different forms and new methods of teaching is still being discovered. Therefore, you will always be able to find good topics to write interesting essays on teaching.


Approach to Teaching Issue

Before you start writing an essay on teaching, you should clearly determine, what you are going to write about. There are two main approaches to teaching taking into account people involved into a process.

       1. Self-Teaching

The most time in our life we are teaching ourselves. Therefore, one can find a lot of methods of improving the responsibility and motivation while teaching himself/herself.

       2. Getting Taught

When we talk about a regular children brining up and school/college/university education, we deal with children/students being taught by someone. Obviously, the methods implied will be quite different. This type of teaching can also be divided into two groups:

          A. Teaching in Groups

Teachers mostly work in groups. When we talk about schools and/or universities, this is practically impossible to perform individual lessons for each student. However, the difficulties lie in the fact that attention should be paid to every student in group.

          B. Individual Teaching

For the better effect a lot of people prefer individual teaching. This makes it possible for a teacher to analyze your personal skills and abilities to develop the weak sides and keep the strong ones. Also, your teacher understands your aims and works to gain them effectively and within the shortest time.


Ideas for Writing for Essays on Teaching

Now, when you have selected what kind of teaching you will write on, you should think of what actually to include to your essay. You may write the whole paper on one point to review it deeply or deal with all the points to perform a general review of the teaching issue. Here are a few suggestions for you.

  • History of Teaching

The history of teaching dates back to ancient times. You may write about the schools the ancient people had and about the principles of teaching they applied. There are a lot of sources dealing with this issue, especially about ancient Greece and Roman Empire.

  • Philosophy of Education & Teaching Styles

From the philosophical point of view, teaching may be understood in different ways. Some people think, that teaching is mostly getting new information, others consider teaching to be a method of skills development, and there are also people, who are convinced, that teaching is a bringing up a personality. Based on these differences in understanding a lot of learning principles have appeared. There are certain learning types developed by educationists. You may review a few of them and write your personal opinion about their effectiveness.

  • Teaching Challenges

There are a lot of difficulties the teacher faces. You may define the main ones and suggest the ways to cope with the challenges. Your personal opinion should better be based on reliable sources and be linked to examples and situations.


Help with Essays on Teaching

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