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Every student will agree that writing an essay is not a big problem. However, meeting professor’s requirements when writing an essay, trying to guess what exactly he or she wants you to explicit there can be quite a daunting task. Unless you have a freestyle essay task, you might need our help in writing as who if not our professional writing service will give you the best advice on a paper of the highest quality!

An Essay Writing Plan in General

There is a great diversity of essay types so it will be quite complicated to provide you with only one basic essay for all purposes but with simplifying them greatly, you will get a perfect plan or scheme of a flawless paper. Here it is:

  • Think of a topic for your essay. It should be up-to-date, captivating and within the area of your interest. The topic also should be approved by your teacher. Sometimes the teacher gives you a topic, in that case you may ask for another one if you don’t like it or ask the teacher to tell you more about what should be written in your paper;
  • Define the type of essay you are going to write. There are four major types and each one requires special preparation:
    • Narrative – in a form of storytelling;
    • Descriptive – a detailed summarization of some place or person, mainly emotional description;
    • Expository – your writing explains things, seeks answers to questions and tries to enlighten the issues;
    • Persuasive – hereby you apply all your skills of persuasion and try out them in written form;
  • Start collecting material. Conducting a coherent research is also extremely important when writing an academic paper. No one expects from you to write it from scratch but rewriting is also not welcomed;
  • Have a structure. Make a draft of your future paper based on how you order gathered information and your own thoughts. It is much easier to write the first sentence when having an image of how your paper will look like, a plan is very helpful in this way. Every authoritative essay should contain introduction (with a precise info of the topic), main body (here you input the main message of your paper) and conclusion (a short summarization to underline the essential points of your work);
  • Think about formatting. Even the most brilliant essay work may be spoiled if not formatted properly. Carefully listen to your teacher’s requests about formatting and make sure you have done everything according to the latest rules of formatting;
  • Proofread it. Even the most perfectly written paper needs some specialist or just another pair of eyes to notice mistakes you could have missed when checking your paper. Do not hesitate to ask your best friends, mom or dad, sister or brother to proofread your paper or just hand this job to us and we will be glad to assist you! Also, bear in mind the importance of authenticity. Nowadays, it has become a big issue with the technological development and free access of every student to the open sources of material. By using plagiarized papers, you do not only put your good name in danger, but also risk to lose the trust you have earned for many years so far;
  • Do not forget about coherent bibliography and footnotes. Never leave them for the last minute and do not forget to construct them according to your essay.

Caution! Never download essays from open sources and unauthoritative websites! They may contain lots of mistakes, be outdated and used by thousands of other students already. Always pay attention to keeping your reputation in a class and never get yourself under the risk of a plagiarism.

You can freely use these essay examples as a model for your own ones and do not hesitate to ask us for help if you feel like it! There is nothing embarrassing in getting a professional help from our versed pro-authors so that you can also learn a way to create a content and find your own writing style!

Essay Samples


Here we have prepared one of the most common essay topics for you to write about. Have a great time reading!

Outline of a Persuasive Essay on Holidays

Imagine yourself a new candidate for elections? You long for victory! Sometimes, you need to play a bit dirty to get what you really desire. No matter, what way you choose, here you have to make people believe that everything you say is “truth not to be contradicted”. At the same time, you have to be pretty implicit and careful when calling to action. Let them think it was their decision and prepare a hook at the very beginning. A short essay outline on the topic about holidays will help you to get the clue quickly.

Do We Need More Holidays in Our Everyday Life?


Study, work, home errands… Who would not go crazy with such a routine? Remember, there is a special term “to celebrate life”. Why life? Holidays is not just a rest for our bodies and brain, we gain energy and feel happier. Rejoice what we have is good if not to look at other countries, that have a significantly increased number of holidays per year in comparison to yours. Truth of life? Do you agree that it should be changed? Then go on reading!

Body Part

Reason #1. Productivity. Will the extra number of holidays really improve people’s productivity? But what about relaxation and obtaining more energy and motivation for work? (Add some fact or example here)

Reason #2. Salary. “People, who work more – get more”. Nonsense!

Reason #3. Joy of life. Of course, some people may say, those are just excuses and people really can have fun anytime they want, but, tell me please, do we really can have fun after an exhausting week of work? Do we really go climbing for only two free days in a week or try to relax on a sofa a save some energy? As a result – no holidays at all!


So, what have we found out about this problem? First, the number of holidays really influences our productivity. Second, “celebrating life” means living like every day is a holiday. As a result, we need more holidays!

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