Specifications for a Well-Done 5 Senses Essay

Writing a 5 senses essay is not that difficult if you know how to put your thoughts into a paper. The thing is that this is a common issue for most of the students, especially the international ones. Get some useful information on 5 senses essay here.


5 Senses Essay: Two Possible Modes of Writing

If you were assigned to write a 5 senses essay, you should define, which mode of writing is required to meet the professor’s expectations. You may write a description essay or explanatory essay on the issue.


  • A Description 5 Senses Essay

Writing a description essay, you actually do not describe the senses by themselves, but the information they give. You can select the subject to write a 5 senses essay about and then include the full description of it. A body part of the paper may be structured according to the 5 senses, so your body part will have 5 paragraphs. Depending on the style of the assignment, you may describe directly and in details, or add some metaphors and comparisons.


       1. An Exact Description

This kind of description is suitable for scientific or business description. The aim is to show the detailed set of characteristics of a certain subject and be maximally clear in the description.


       2. A Poetic Description

If the assignment is informal, you may describe metaphorically. You should write down your impressions and express the way you see the subject personally. Do not feel shy about speaking out your emotions and your specific comparisons, even though they may look weird.


  • An Expository 5 Senses Essay

An explanatory 5 senses essay will deal with reviewing the mechanisms of senses in-depth.


     1) You will most likely need some biological or/and anatomical background to write an interesting and informative one. It is possible to write kind of overview of the senses and write a paragraph per each one. It is also possible to concentrate your attention on which senses give the most of information to a human and why.


     2) Some psychological issues may also be touched upon, as cases, when a person loses the possibility to see of hear just because of psychological trauma are quite interesting from the psychological point of view.


     3) Physics may also be involved. For example, most of the senses are connected with waves and creation or perception of those waves by the human body.


     4) Did you think about Philosophy from this point of view? Understanding of 5 senses of the human being and of information they give differs a lot from materialistic and idealistic approaches. Let’s think over the issue, that all of information we believe in is being received through our senses. What if they show something wrong? This is an interesting philosophical question you may try to find an answer to. By the way, search for sources and views of famous philosophers on this issue. You may find some interesting information to include to your essay.


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