Effective Completion of an Essay on Reading

If you are a student, you most likely face a lot of assignments to write an essay on reading. Students tend to dislike such kind or assignments since it usually takes long to complete it. Furthermore, such a task requires a well-developed analytic skill.


Challenges Faced While Writing an Essay on Reading

Writing an essay based on reading is quite specific and differs from other kinds of task. This causes a specific set of difficulties you may face. Learn about them and get ideas on how to cope with them effectively.


  • Length of the Reading Required

It is good if you need to write a response or summary on a certain scientific article, since they are usually not really large. However, you also have a risk to get the assignment to review the whole book! This helps your professor to see, that you have checked the sources basic for a certain course. Obviously, reading a book is quite time consuming. We can advise you nothing, but taking care about the assignment long before the deadline. This is definitely not a paper to be written overnight.


  • Understanding of the Information Covered

There is another problem that can be faced. If the source to be reviewed is academic and has a lot of terms and links to other theories, you may feel confused about its content. Nevertheless, a good essay on reading requires a full understanding of the source. To get clarifications you should better consult the appropriate dictionaries as well as referencing materials. If this is necessary, read the same chapter twice.


Types Possible for an Essay on Reading

There is a variety of essays possible to be written on reading. The type of content depend on the approach to the material and the possibility of personal opinion in it.


  • A Summary

A summary of a certain sources is actually telling the main information that the source gives to its reader. There is no need to express your personal opinion on the source, just retell what it is about. The personal approaching is represented by the subjective selection of information covered and structuring of the essay on reading. So, the main question is: What Is the Reading about?


  • An Opinion Essay

An opinion essay on reading requires your critical analysis of what has been read. The main thing for such an essay is to express your opinion on the issues read. The opinions should be closely connected with the text, so do not forget to put the links and include examples. All in all, the main question to be answered by your opinion essay is: What do you think about the issues covered by the reading? Make sure to support your opinion.


  • A Response Essay

A reading response is close by its nature to a review. The value of a personal opinion is high, and you should feel free to share your impressions. The main question to be answered is: “What do you think about the reading?”. It is also necessary to mention, what is good and what is bad about the reading, what you liked and what you didn’t and why etc.


A Useful Assistance with an Essay on Reading

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