Marketing Research Topics for MBA Students


Everyone knows: in order to succeed, you must constantly learn something new. That's why so many businessmen and other people think about MBA programs.

MBA degree will undoubtedly help you master new concepts and will enable you to raise your business to a new level. If you do not have a business yet, then such training can be a good starting point for its creation in the future.

MBA programs are very well-known in the world of successful business. Having such a diploma is an indicator that a manager has got necessary skills for successful work. According to research, about 30% of MBAs tend to see substantial increase in incomes. Naturally, quality of knowledge depends on a student and on a school/program he or she has chosen. Passing programs does not guarantee 100% success, but it significantly increases the chances of improving your position.

It should be noted that now students are given the opportunity to study remotely. Getting new knowledge and skills is much simpler today, programs provide an opportunity to get a business education on-the-job. Learning in online mode has shown that quality of education received in this way is not inferior to full-time studying, but students spend significantly less time on it.

This program allows you to fully communicate with teachers and coursemates, perform joint group assignments, work with case studies and much more. As a result, a student participates in all traditional learning processes. After online studying, students switch to short-term full-time education, and then – preparation of the diploma and its defense.

It is worth noting that, despite the speed of the material presentation, remote programs cannot be called easy. As with full-time students, serious work is to be done. In order to get maximum knowledge, students need to introduce the more effective schemes of work in practice, try new concepts in parallel with their studies. MBA programs are an unlimited set of tools that enable you to grow and develop.

Are You Ready to Write Your Essay?

During your learning, you will write a large number of papers. First of all, on admission, you will have to come up with two or three small essays on the given topics. In the future, research works and other serious papers are waiting for you. By the way, you can find professional academic help on the website

Let us consider one of the possible topics for you to put together an idea of how to write such papers and in which direction to move.

Evaluation and Creation of the Company's Image

Development of a market economy entailed an increase in subjects interested in the correct and effective formation of their own image.

With its formation and creation, one cannot ignore the mass perception of business in general. Firstly, the social blurring of the boundaries of entrepreneurship is typical for it today. "All of us are businessmen now", – that is how they say, those who try to do something by themselves.

Secondly, poverty of social experience, the lack of ideas about civilized, established forms of business.

Thirdly, the lack of a serious support for creating a positive image of an entrepreneur. And the state here is a bad helper, and ordinary people do not like entrepreneurs. The trend of the emergence of real or imaginary oligarchs and criminalization of business aggravate the situation even more. But the problem of public trust significantly affects the state of business. It must be solved somehow. Entrepreneurs can only hope for themselves, as they say, sink or swim.

Is it possible for a company in such a situation not to create an image and hide this instead? It is possible, but in this case, it will be formed by the same customers and partners spontaneously, and, therefore, unmanageably. Seeing something new and incomprehensible, we are more likely to be "against" it than "for".

That is why serious businessmen in large cities have long understood the need to form a positive image. Some create PR within an organization –  departments that are just involved in creating and maintaining a positive image of a company. Others – those who cannot afford to hold their own public relations specialist, turn to special agencies for help. In general, both options are good.

In fact, you can just launch an advertising campaign. However, public relations tools are much more effective and, most importantly, are cheaper for a company.

It should be noted that the secret of success is not in the quantity of advertising material in newspapers, on radio and television. The key to success is correctness of the concept of public relations development. No matter how unpredictable the reaction of public is during the formation of the firm's image, the entire system must necessarily obey a single concept, that is, logic.

Image of an Enterprise

Look at the people around you. Each of them creates his or her own image. Are they dressed with a sense of style? Do they speak competently? What thoughts come to your mind when talking to them? Can they be trusted, in your opinion? Should you rely on them?

The image of each person you communicate with develops in your head. It is based on what you see, hear, and also on your experience of keeping in touch with him or her. Just like a person, any product or company has its own image. Why are some products, such as chocolate or Raffaello sweets, considered culinary delights designed exclusively for gourmets, while others, hot dogs or hamburgers, are considered plebeian food? The answer is simple: the difference lies in the image. A positive image is as difficult to define as beauty or high quality, but when it is present, you definitely feel it.

As practice shows, a corporate image is not necessarily related to the products. When answering the question: "What comes to your mind at the thought of the image of IBM?", thousands of respondents did not even mention computers. First of all, they noted the standards of clothing and the professional image of company representatives. Maybe this image of the corporation is too artificial? Yes, maybe, but all the respondents concluded that the company, whose employees adhere to such high standards of clothing and appearance, simply cannot but produce the highest quality products.

A positive image always paves the way for a positive reputation in broader and more significant areas, such as product quality. What would become of the image of IBM if its managers told their employees: "Do not think about the standards of clothing. We are doing so well that we absolutely do not care what kind of suit you are going to wear to meet the client"? Perhaps, after a while, buyers of computer equipment would understand that the former high standards of service and product quality of IBM do not exist anymore.

It is necessary to remember only that the creation of a true image helps a buyer to perceive your product as something different from other similar products, something better. As a conclusion, one should follow one of the tips that are easier to be given than fulfilled: do not delay work on an image. Work on creating an image is ceaseless. If you play this game, remember that you will not be able to be on the sidelines.

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