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We talked a lot about marketing, we examined its history, the formation of the concept, various misunderstandings, incorrect formulations and one-sided interpretations. Now you are able to say your word on this topic. However, in order to be able to say it, you need to choose a less specific direction in which you want to speak. This can be quite a difficult task in light of the fact that you want to say a lot and you are not able to systematize your thoughts yet.

There are three main mistakes regarding the creation of papers on a topic you have read a lot about, but have not tried to describe by yourself yet:

  1. Too few of your thoughts. This can happen both consciously and not on purpose.

    You can do it purposefully, collecting other people's thoughts and reflecting them in your paper, believing that this is the best option. Information is verified and no one can say anything against it. However, then you forget that all this is not your author's work and cannot be considered a full-fledged essay. It is unlikely that the professor will assess your ability to collect other people's thoughts and developments.

    You can also do this unconsciously for fear of presenting your own considerations because of doubts that they will be correct and appropriate. In addition, in comparison with professional authors, you really can look like a beginner, but who said that you should immediately surpass all researchers in this topic? They have studied their subject for many years, and your path is just beginning. You must learn how to begin. Your own thoughts are the most valuable that your paper can receive and that your reader will appreciate. So do not hesitate in your abilities and try to write by yourself, not relying on someone else's words, like a lame person relies on crutches.

  2. Too many of your thoughts. Usually, this happens either from inexperience or from excessive self-confidence.

    In the first case, you are just trying very hard to state everything you think about on this topic to the maximum. It seems to you that if you miss something, it will be noticed and your grade will suffer from it. You start to write more and more, stop referring to famous people and their studies, your essay turns into a story with a rather awkward narrative line. You just need to find the right balance between the information you take in open sources and your analytical remarks. This may not work out the first time, but gradually you will notice that your papers are getting better and better.

    The second situation is the opposite of the first. You are so confident in your knowledge and abilities, you are so indulgent about the opinions of experts in the chosen topic and are so convinced that you will be able to disclose it better than anyone else, that you simply overfill your work with your thoughts and ideas. Having not received sufficient theoretical justification from the confirmed studies, your paper loses credibility and acquires the same characteristics as in the previous case – it turns into a fairy tale. Remember that you are just starting your way in this direction and it is very unreasonable not to reckon with the opinion of professionals. They are definitely worth something since now their works are considered fundamental in marketing. Perhaps once your name will flaunt next to their names. But for now, you should study and develop yourself.

  3. Absolute unsystematicity. This point might be a branch of the second, but here we are considering a very different error, which relates to inconsistency of the material presented to the selected topic. This means that, at some point, you forget about the main issue of your work and start clinging to all others that periodically appear in the text and are not key ones. It seems to you that if you do not solve all these questions, the quality of your essay will suffer. It will really suffer, but precisely because you are striving to embrace the unembraceable. The theme is given so that you move in its direction and not rush from side to side. You can always take a question that suddenly interests you while writing and make it a topic for the next essay. But you do not need to turn your paper into an anthology of all your suddenly arising arguments.

If you saw yourself in one of these points, then this is the first step towards solving the problem. After all, if you are able to realize it, then the decision becomes much closer than if you simply disowned it.

As you have already understood, the observance of a reasonable balance is one and the main tasks of a good essay. Balanced text, in which there are equal shares of references to authorities and your considerations, are easily read and perceived. Moreover, working in symbiosis with well-known marketers, you will gain a lot of benefits for yourself. Perhaps, you will have new ideas and thoughts, perhaps you will want to supplement or even continue someone's research, which, it seemed to you, needs to be continued.

Suggested Topics

We never tire of repeating that the topics that we give to you are just examples. You can address directly to them in their direct formulation, you can change it, supplement it and look for new variations. So, we offer you the following topics:

  1. Sensitive-marketing or is it possible to appeal to emotions.
  2. Non-standard marketing communications.
  3. How to model impulsive purchases?
  4. Why does small business avoid research?
  5. Analysis of the causes and methods of influence on a consumer.

We hope that our article will help you avoid mistakes, decide on a theme and write a wonderful essay.

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