Definition essay: topic list and writing guidelines

Definition essay is a type of paper that gives and explanation of a particular term, concept, issue or notion. The important thing is that the writer cannot just copy or paraphrase information about the topic from some sources but must develop his or her own definition basing on the reputable books and articles. Also, the definition can be grounded on the writer’s personal observations, examples and experiences. Here you can find the major guidelines for writing the definition essay and some ideas for paper topic.

1. How to write a definition essay?

1.1. First of all, select your topic, which is, actually, the term to define. It should be the notion that you understand well and are able to find enough information about it. Also, the topic must be interesting for you to elaborate so you feel passionate about it.

1.2. Conduct your research. For sure, the term that you took has already been defined in dictionaries, scientific and non-scientific literature. Thus, you should make an effort to check different types of sources so you can observe how the same notion is explained by different authors. It will let you develop your own understanding and state it in your paper.

1.3. When you are choosing the subject to define try to pick controversial and complex one as you will need to make a claim about it and break into smaller units for characterizing.

1.4. A proper structure is surely important. Introduction must provide some general information and spheres of the issue or subject you are writing about. The last sentence of your introductory part is typically a thesis statement. Each body paragraph should be dedicated to the particular facet that you point out. The conclusion is to summarize your points and restate the thesis. Actually, you can conclude with stating your own definition once again.

2. Topic list for the definition essay.

Here are some basic fields for choosing the topics from and the ideas for your subject of writing.

2.1. Economic terms:

* Balance of trade

* Bank

* Benefit

* Business

* Competition

* Comparative advantage

* Fiscal policy

* Households

* Private goods

* Sales tax

* Productivity

* Property tax

* Unemployment

* Traditional economy

* Money

2.2. Social notions

* Discrimination

* Multiculturalism

* Race

* Gender roles

* Social security

* Social media

* Social marketing

* Communication

* Blogger

* Personal interactions

2.3. Philosophy terms

Tip on writing: if you select to define an abstract term make sure that your definition does not grow into reflection on this topic.

* Love

* Duty

* Power

* Cognition

* Knowledge

* Intellect

* Mind

* Friendship

* Feelings

* Thought and thinking ability

* Absolutism

* Absurdism

* Deism/ pandeism

* Science

* Vital pluralism

2.4. Terms to define in literature

* Plot

* Character

* Setting

* Concept

* Naturalism

* Literature style

* Alliteration

* Assonance

* Metaphor

* Novel

* Novella

* Literature review

* Modernism

* Postmodernism

* Renaissance

This is the list of topics for a definition essay. Choose the one and follow the writing guidelines indicates above in order to get successful results.

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