Sigmund Freud Essays: Hints and Advice

Sigmund Freud is famous not only for being often mentioned in adult jokes. He is a significant person for the development of Psychology. Thus, students may be assigned to write Sigmund Freud essays to learn more about him.

Sigmund Freud Essays: Main Subjects for Writing
There can be two different ways to write about a certain famous person. Your task is to select the approach and follow it, or select a few of them to be combined under one essay paper.

           WAY #1: Biographical Approach
It is possible for you to review Sigmund Freud as a person having a certain biography. Practically all the points of his biography had a certain influence on his research work and outlook. Thus, it is important to mention, that he was practicing in Austria within the Jewish community. You should also tell about his life conditions as poverty is what motivates people for development. Education, practicing, people, who were around – all that helped Sigmund Freud to become a person you are required to write about now.

           WAY #2: Contribution
Contribution of Sigmund Freud lies in the ideas he had and theories he has developed through his studies.

     • Introducing of Psychoanalysis
One of the main findings of Sigmund Freud is the development of Theory of Psychoanalysis. The background for this theory was put during the Freud’s working with patients having issues of neurological and hysterical nature. He noticed, that a lot of people face health issues without having biological causes for them. Thus, Freud decided to analyze his patients’s psychological state via analysis of dreams, as well as through hypnosis and method of free associations.

     • Id, Ego and Super-Ego
Freud claimed, that a personality can be divided into three main elements: Id, Ego and Super-Ego. Id – is an unconscious element, which is ruled by primitive infant wishes. Ego is the main part, which takes part in person’s ruling of his/her behavior. It is rational and may develop some defense methods in case of any threats. Super-Ego is a moral aspect of personality and deals with the moral evaluation of actions.

          Something Interesting

You can perform a general review of main contributions of Sigmund Freud like a lot of other students did in their Sigmund Freud essays. Also, you can include some interesting and contradictory facts to make your essay extra-ordinary.

     • Attitude to Cocaine
Freud’s attitude to cocaine was rather specific. He believed that cocaine is a good way to cure physical and mental problems. Freud also was taking benefits from cocaine, so many people claim, that his theories are the results of cocaine usage.

     • Religion
Freud considered a religion to be the method of person’s limitation from violence. He believed, that there are a lot in common between religion and neurotic obsession. Thus, he totally declined the actual existence of God, claiming that it was introduced to make people feel more secured and help to overcome their fear of nature.

           Personal Opinion
Each essay can be made extra-ordinary, if you include your personal evaluation. Thus, read the critical literature on Freud’s theories, read his works and you will be able to write a valid and interesting point of view on his ideas.

           Assistance for Sigmund Freud Essays
Surely, there are a lot of more information about Freud’s theories, their acceptance and validity. To save your time searching for tens of sources and reading them to find something to write about, hire a professional writer for assistance.

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