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Writing a paper on some philosophical topic may be a kind of a burden if you cannot get a hang on its main goal. However, once you read this article – nothing will seem that complicated anymore. Here we will teach you how to write a philosophy paper on any theme (more information is here:, as an example we have chosen a very interesting and not much researched topic to help you understand how a paper can be created and honed.

Writing a Paper on Philosophy

Famous Philosophers

To understand what an assignment on philosophy should contain, you need to go back to the ancient time and realize what a broad and complex history this term has. Philosophy is not such a subject at school or college – it was a way of human existence at that times and still remain a trigger for our development nowadays.

No need to retell you the most obvious tips for writing a structure of a paper: introduction, thesis statement, discussion, arguments and conclusions are to be enlightened in every essay that is aimed on getting an A. Nevertheless, we will focus on the subtlest hints on creating a content that will not only intrigue the readers but also leave this famous unforgettable impact in their minds. And yes, you need to work very hard to achieve this.

  • Define the readers whom you are applying to as it will turn the whole paper to some specific direction. Think of what the professor expects to hear from you. The best way to guess it will be to as him or her directly. Always works;
  • Never fly into a range when losing your temper on some contradictory topic that needs arguing on it. Philosophical thinking is not run by emotional state – they use logic and apply to the voice of reason when debating on such themes;
  • Be precise but do not lose that motivational hook, never let the readers be bored from your paper, that is – insert dry facts but in a careful way not to overdose them;
  • Explain your arguments so that there will be no points to criticize anymore. Try to beam the light on the issue and persuade all those reading your assignment that your point of view is the only right one;
  • Support your thesis with indirect quotations and statements of notable philosophers, paraphrased in your own words to give an impression of understanding. The best thing is that in philosophical paper the time period (!) when that famous person lived is not that important as philosophy is believed to be perpetual and the eternal questions will always arise no matter how many times they have been discussed already;
  • Apply your knowledge to the investigated issue. Remember, it is YOUR paper and only YOU are responsible for it. It gives a double obligation but at the same time it gives you that unique opportunity to say “that is how I see this problem, it is my paper and I have described my own thoughts on it”. Writing a paper on philosophy is a great challenge, indeed. Nevertheless, there is no totally right or wrong answer in philosophical writing and that is why nobody can say that your theory is completely incorrect. Your main task will be just to prove it with strong argumentations because defeating you in discussions is the only situation where you should be thoroughly prepared.

To amplify the effect, try to speak from your own voice as if you were a versed think-tanker and had to carry a presentation. No need to use posh language and try looking as you are not – be yourself but also have a genuine interest in what you are doing. Believe us, the professor and the audience will definitely notice your efforts and appreciate them.

Malawi’s Zomba Prison Project, Essay Example

Poverty and Imprisonment

“To be sure about the reality that happens at exact this moment you are to understand what the situation in Malawi’ school and children education looks like. The country alone, Malawi, is considered to be one of the poorest countries in the world, still honorifically carrying its name of “The Warm Heart of Africa” which evokes even more sympathy in the heart of a passing-by reader. It is also one of the smallest countries in Africa, Malawi lake takes about the third part of its whole territory. Though, this small peaceful democratic country experiences lots of hardships nowadays.

Apart from a serious threat on human rights within the country, which includes limitations to free speech, press freedom, violence against women, child labor, arbitrary arrests, witchcraft accusations, high rate of child marriages and the issue of homosexuality, which is illegal in the country and can be charged with the strictest level of punishment, Malawi citizens often suffer from unfair imprisonment in prisons with unhuman living conditions.

Zomba Prison Project is music recordings that were performed by the prisoners of Zomba city, former capital city of the country. People are being accused for different reasons and many of them live in this dilapidated building for their whole life as the laws of Malawi define such “prison children” as guilty for the commitments of their parents since their birth.

Some of them do not know another life and are being used to having such a difficult life. What is sadder, the questionable charges are not reconsidered. And they sing. This project is a creation of Ian Brennan, who has recorded prisoners in different situations and singing the same-motived songs.

What is a song to the prisoners? It is their lifeboat in the world of unfairness, misfortunes and inability to live a full normal life. Music gives them a feeling of light, a sense of relief even for a few minutes. Lots of the prisoners do not know their real reason of accuse, and music allows them to leave their worries of a burdened life and have some time for themselves.

Just listen to their songs! Women and men ask not to kill their child, taking their lives and inspirational “Let’s go” gives a feeling of undefeated power in their souls that will help them conquer their troubles.

This project made the whole world look at what is happening in a small country of Malawi. We fight for our freedom but we do not notice how bad the inmates of Zomba live. We want democracy but never take a look at the misfortune souls of people who have never seen it. What can be done for this problem?”

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