The Most Popular MBA Research Topics in Strategic Management


We know that management is a very popular direction for getting a good job now. What is meant by good work in the modern world? First of all, according to the latest research, we are talking about the analysts of the market, business and strategy analysts, the need for which become acuter. There is a noticeable increase in the number of vacancies that require highly skilled workers of precisely this direction.

These people are needed by firms and enterprises in order to study and analyze current position and achievements, forecast changes, build business plans. However, you will not be able to work in this field without relevant competencies. And in order to get them, you will most likely have to write at least an MBA research paper. can offer you this service and write all you need as soon as possible.

The Choice of the Topic

We must note one significant point. Of course, you choose a topic in accordance with the direction in which you want to develop and get further work. However, this alone is not enough. It will be useful to consider two important factors:

  • Your interest
  • Your knowledge

All is more or less clear with the first point. Indeed, your topic should be really interesting for you, it is written a lot about this issue and one can only imagine the terrible consequences of that case if you suddenly decide to take a theme that does not interest you just because it is essential for work where you can earn well. A good salary is certainly a cogent argument, but we must take into account the fact that no matter how attractive it may be, unloved work will not become beloved one. It is necessary to make a choice, taking into account all factors and aspects of the issue.

Well, and what about your knowledge? You might think that in order to write a good paper, you must initially have all the necessary information. But this is not the case. Research is called precisely this way because it implies carrying out a study in the process of which new and previously undisclosed moments can be discovered.

As for knowledge, here we mean, first of all, awareness in the search for sources and their selection. This is a very important point that many ignore. It seems that the first few sources should be enough, they look quite reliable at first glance. However, it is only necessary to make a comparative description of at least few ones, and it becomes immediately clear that not everything is so simple. You must approach the issue of choosing sources very responsibly. If you are completely in the dark about this issue, it makes sense to seek help from a professor or acquaintances who have already done something similar.

Remember that if you need statistical information, then you must always check its relevance. Some sources do not indicate the year of the statistical analysis, in which case they do not suit you. Look for the latest facts and start with them.

Make sure that you are familiar with all the software for processing statistical data and other figures that you may need. The practical part of your research will necessarily include your calculations and conclusions based on the final data provided by these programs.

Directions That May Be of Use to You

Your work is not only an approaching to the job of your dreams, but also an excellent opportunity to make your contribution to evolution of science. The essence of your contribution will be displayed in your topic. Despite the fact that the title consists of only a few words, it reflects the essence of your work. This is the first thing your readers will see and that they will be able to analyze before they begin to get acquainted with the text.

In this regard, the title should not be ambiguous or incomprehensible. Make it captivating, attractive, but at the same time do not get carried away – you do not write advertising text.

In which directions can you move?

Information Technology Themes

We consider it in the light of strategic management. What does it mean? Technologies have long occupied an honorable place in the business world. You can consider project management and its technological support, the impact of technology on the process of planning, how to use it better in order to get the desired result.

It is excellent if you can find concrete examples of specific firms whose activities would illustrate your work. If there were none, you can simulate the work of an imaginary firm, this is also very good in MBA.

You can explore the role of cloud storage of files, the effectiveness of using software for online monitoring of the current state of the company, make a comparison of two firms that use technologies in different ways.

An excellent choice will be the exploration of the adaptation of information systems in education. How much they are expedient in the light of setting and implementation of educational goals, how far this direction is developed, etc.

Client Relations Themes

We are talking about business, but it is impossible to imagine it without clients. Whatever the firm does, it should be aimed at meeting their needs. To do this, you need to conduct thorough niche research to determine the target audience and the real things that it expects from a particular firm.

Such a study is not carried out in a slapdash manner, a thorough investigation which you can carry out in your work is needed for this. It is impossible to build an enterprise strategy without defining goals that depend on the client's desire.

Write about the relationship of the entrepreneur and the client, the correlation of the quality of services provided and the level of client satisfaction, consumer chains that lead to the proper construction of a strategy.

Workforce Themes

In the modern world, there are many trends related to labor. This is a great opportunity to conduct your research. How relevant is the use of a permanent workforce? What is the effectiveness of cooperation with the agencies that provide the employee for the project work? Strategic priorities in the light of maximum disclosure of working resources, proper management, etc.

Do Not Forget About Strategy

Any topic chosen by you should be clearly in touch with the term "strategy". The main investigation should be based on it. Short-term and long-term forecasting, new trends in enterprise evolution, interesting developments and technologies – do not forget about the goal of your work. Is it relevant? Is the strategy its foundation?

Good luck in your endeavors.

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