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An essay on marketing is not an easy task. You know perfectly that choosing your topic correctly is one of the main prerequisites of success. Therefore, today we will give you the opportunity to read the following example of a paper, on the basis of which you can develop your own thoughts later.

So, let’s start.

To determine its place on the market, a firm must carefully analyze it. Research and analysis of the market is not an end in itself, but a source of information for a manager to make an effective decision.

We are talking about a system of collecting, processing and analyzing informative data about the market situation with the aim of reducing the risk of entrepreneurial activity and making marketing decisions accordingly.

Depending on information that is used, methods for obtaining it, analyzing and summarizing the results, research has its own specific functional structure.

When studying subjects of the market environment, one studies the behavior of buyers on the consumer market, collects and analyzes information about activities of the best partner enterprises and competitors (benchmarking), image and capabilities of suppliers, intermediaries, distribution and transport organizations.

Carrying out research of someone’s own firm, one analyzes the results of the industrial-marketing activity, defines a level of competitiveness of products and image of a firm from consumers and competitors.

The analysis of the company's own potential enables to determine the market opportunities of a company, to win stable competitive positions on the market, to reduce the risk and increase the chances of success of all marketing activities.

The study of market objects may include:

  • Analysis and determination of need for certain products;
  • Market research and segmentation;
  • Determination of market capacity;
  • Research of competition conditions, pricing, and the study of optimal methods for promoting products.

Classification of Studies

We would like to remind you that there cannot be a concrete and well-established classification, as each firm pursues its own goals. However, we can talk about certain common features that allow us to sketch out something like a generalized classification, which is suitable for almost every study.

So, depending on the purpose of conducting, research types are divided into those that are aimed at solving the existing problems, and those that relate to the issues of forecasting, planning or analysis of current activities. Studies to solve the existing problems are related to the solution of different issues of certain products, insufficient demand for them, etc.

If the goal is forecasting, then this is the study aimed at determining the level of demand, prices, etc. Planning is related to such an aspect of activity as development of the concept of a new product. The analysis of current activities involves research into issues of the image of a company, its position in the market, market opportunities, etc.

By the direction of conducting, research may concern market or consumer behavior and environmental factors studies, etc.

By the subject of conducting, studies are divided into those that are conducted either by a marketing service of an enterprise, or specialized marketing (consulting) organizations. Among the latter:

  • Research firms that specialize primarily in gathering market information;
  • Research economic institutes;
  • Advertising agencies;
  • Industrial and trade unions, national professional associations;
  • Consultants (experts) on market research;
  • Information brokers – specialists who are looking for market data, buying and analyzing it for interested companies.

By the subject of the study (depending on the chosen direction), there are studies of advertising, prices, division channels,  company image, competitors, suppliers, market particles and opportunities, the study of the concept of a new product, etc.

By the frequency of conducting, we can single out one-time studies and repeated ones, that is, when the first research reveals new opportunities for a company or if it is necessary to solve a new problem that has appeared, as well as multiple studies (for example, panel) that may be both periodic and non-periodic.

According to the duration, there are up to one-week studies, from one week to one month, one-two-months, from two to six-months, more than six-months ones.

By the type, there are search, descriptive or experimental studies. Search one is a study, that is conducted when little is known about a problem that has arisen, and it is necessary to concretize whole studies, as a result of which hypotheses are formed, which can be checked by conducting a descriptive investigation, after which, if necessary, the cause-and-effect ligaments are studied between the factors that are being investigated. It is possible to conduct only one of these types of research – it all depends on what is known about the problem being studied.

Studies are also divided according to methods of conducting, namely:

  • By the application of methodical techniques from different branches of knowledge: general scientific (system analysis, integrated approach, program-targeted planning, economic-statistical, economic-mathematical); analytical (linear programming, network planning, queuing theory, probability theory, expertise); sociological; psychological; design; ecological;
  • By the nature of conducting, studies are divided into qualitative and quantitative. We have already talked about it in the previous articles. Qualitative ones provide that approaches that are used in the research process are not presented in a digital form and are inseparable from a person who conducts research. Qualitative ones include the method of sociological research, the method of document analysis and expert methods. In quantitative research methods (economic and mathematical), a representative sample of the population or target group is used;
  • By the way of conducting, there are ones that are conducted only by a person without the use of technical means, ones that are conducted only with the use of special devices or those conducted by a person using certain technical means;
  • By the stages of conducting (in particular, methods of data collection and analyzing information received);
  • By the technology of conducting (development of tools for data collection and measurement methodology, sampling, forecasting methods).


We have already said that these classifications are very conventional, but they exist and, for the most part, the activity of any firm can be described with their help.

Now you have at least the opportunity to take one of the classifications as a topic and study it in more detail. It will be best done on an example of a certain firm, existing or fictitious. In this way, you will provide visibility and demonstrate thoroughness of your reasoning. Good luck in creating your project!

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