A Thesis on Management


Management is the sphere that was born from a market economy. This area quickly gained popularity among students. Indeed, what could be better than a relatively new direction, which as if even asks to be examined from many different angles. This sphere is very dynamic, it changes every day, hundreds of books are published and hundreds of studies are conducted. And so, you decided to contribute to the development of this science. So, let us consider some basic issues. And if you want to finish all your business quickly, then just order paper on crazyessay.com.

What are features of a thesis on management?

When a student sits for a dissertation, the first task that confronts him or her is the following: what topic should be chosen for future work? Indeed, problems of management are very diverse, but if we consider them in a broad sense, they all boil down to the rational use of resources.

Initially, it was about principles of production management, but later it was transformed into management of the working reserve.

Naturally, management methodology has grown from a theory that, for many years, has undergone a number of significant changes. Nevertheless, it is not entirely correct to focus on research only on the theoretical basis of the concept: this idea is directly related to practical application. Often a theme of the dissertation is created at the junction of several disciplines. And although classical science is suspicious of such works, in the case of management this is permissible. In fact, after all, it grew out of economics, sociology and some other subjects.

That is why those students who did not manage to determine a topic should consult their research advisor: he or she can not only offer actual problems, but also protect you from repetition. Practically every year brings a new demanded idea, and each applicant strives to touch it in his or her thesis. This is natural, because academic science does not tolerate excessive excitement around one narrow issue.

Regardless of a chosen topic, you must remember that any work is built according to certain regulations. Here are some of the mandatory rules:

  • Novelty: the dissertation should represent an absolutely unprecedented study. This is not an essay or an abstract, no one will forgive you for a hackneyed topic, here novelty plays a key role. A thesis is a contribution to science, your desire to share some observations, which, perhaps, are your exclusive conjecture at this stage. You should not lose the opportunity to talk about this. But if you do not have such ideas and are going to write a paper for some more mercantile reasons or ones far remoted from science, then it is better not to start. This work requires complete dedication, you will not be able to do hack-work. It is not the point to rely on luck. Here you can rely only on your own enthusiasm and knowledge;
  • Practical value: you must show how a work done will be useful from the point of view of practice. You really need to be aware of relevance and importance of your paper for the further development of management. There is no need to start writing and beating the air. Your work should reflect some practical application that will make it especially valuable in eyes of others. In the end, this is not a set of theoretical data, it is the highest academic aerobatics;
  • Scientific justification: novelty is good, but it should be supported by basic works of scientists in your area. This is also a very important point. Speaking of practical application and novelty, we often forget about the foundation, that is, those studies to which we will refer, giving this example or another. Still, we are talking about science, which has its own basic principles, rules, definitions. In order for your work to look authentic, you will need to carefully examine papers of other people who wrote on this topic, decide on those of them whose position suits you, and use their data in your dissertation. Many people do not do this because they want to do an absolutely independent, new study, which no one has spoken about yet. It seems to them that a reference to authorities will spoil their work and make it mediocre. However, this is not true. Nobody tells you to make from your paper a collection of quotations of famous scientists. Just do not forget about the links at least to the most famous definitions in order that your listeners had reason to believe you;
  • Uniqueness: almost every year new decrees are issued toughening the fight against plagiarism. And this brings a lot of trouble to an applicant: you need to refer to research of eminent scientists so that you are not caught in a theft of other people's ideas. This issue is closely related to the previous one. It is much easier not to use references to other scientists at all, and thus avoid plagiarism. However, then, as already said, reliability will suffer greatly. Therefore, it is better to study citation rules and make your paper as it should be.

The Choice Is Yours

So, we offer you several topics that you can take for your dissertation. You can also combine and modify them so that the final version really interested you. Remember that you must bring something new to the study of your chosen topic:

  1. Conflict management issues
  2. Organizational changes and their impact on a firm
  3. Evolution of logistics
  4. Features of doing business in different countries
  5. Narrow-profile enterprises: pros and cons

So, creating a whole scientific paper is a titanic work. However, if you take advantage of our recommendations and approach this matter responsibly, then no obstacles will be frightening to you.

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