How to Write a Persuasive Essay: Tips for Writing a Convincing Text

Persuasive skill is helpful not only in academic life, but in every-day life. Therefore, having learned how to write a persuasive essay, you will know how to convince your friend easily to watch the film you like etc.


Specific Features of a Persuasive Essay

Persuasive essay is a subtype of argumentative essay. To write it properly, you should clearly feel its difference from argumentative and opinion essay subtypes, which have a lot of similar features.


  • Difference from Argumentative Essays

Argumentative essays as persuasive ones are aimed on convincing the reader or audience. However, the nature of the convincing process is different.


     1. Emotions and Logic

When in argumentative essays you use only the logical arguments and facts to prove your opinion, in persuasive essay you involve the emotions. To be more successful, you should impress your reader and include the points, which are somehow related to him personally.


     2. The Role of Audience

Writing an argumentative essay, you do not need to think about an audience. However, when you need a persuasive essay to be written, you should take into account the age, the interests of your potential audience. This will influence the selection of arguments and the way they are combined.


  • Difference from Opinion Essay

Opinion essay requires you to support your opinion as well as in persuasive essay. Nevertheless, in opinion essay you take your opinion as less doubtful.


     1. One-Sided and Two-Sided

An opinion essay is one-sided, because talking about your point of view, you are not taking into account that other opinions also exist. Even if you do, your aim is not to specify, what are the weak points of the other sides. A persuasive essay is completely two-sided: you usually select an appropriate topic and review two approaches, claiming which one is more proper and which one is less correct.


     2. To Tell and to Convince

The purposes of the essays are completely different. Opinion essay is written to share one’s opinion with others, and the persuasive essay is to make your audience believe that your opinion is the only one true.


Examples of Techniques for Persuading


There are a lot of persuasive techniques, which can be used while writing. Here are some examples of for you.


     1. Story-Telling

Make your essay written in an easy manner. This will create an impression of a friendly talk and will make your reader more trustful.


     2. Own Conclusion

Do not give the information to your reader, but make him come to the conclusion you need.


     3. Shocking Facts

You can “attack” the opposite opinion by giving the shocking facts, which contradict moral and ethical rules. This will make the opposite opinion completely improper and reader will take your side.



There are a few things you should also pay attention to.

     1. Good Topic

The selected topic should never be a well-known fact, but it should deal with some problematic issue.

     2. Proper Grammar

The grammar is quite important to be correct. It not only lowers your grade, but makes your reader doubt in your competency.

     3. Clear Structure

The clear structure contributes to the good idea flow. So, if your text is well-structured and your sentences have no more than two clauses, your reader will get it better.

     4. Good Advice

It will be a good idea to benefit from a professional writer’s advice. Therefore, contact our team to make sure you get a perfect persuasive essay as a result.

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