How to Write a Hook for an Essay: a Hook Suggestions

Do you know what a hook is? Well, you may have heard about it from boxing. How can a hook be applied in an essay? It is a bit different, as instead of actual hitting of your opponent, you need to make him interested. Learn how to write a hook for an essay with us!


The Place of an Essay Hook

Will it be reasonable to hook the reader’s attention in the middle of your essay? If you decide to include a hook sentences in the middle, when having a dull beginning, you will have no one to catch attention of. Thus, there is a point to start your essay with the hook sentences. Moreover, it is a well-known fact, that a person creates his impression from the text from the first few lines.


Styles of Hooks

There may be different types of hooks included to an essay. You have a wide variety to select from, but still there are a lot of factors you should pay attention to. For example, you should pay attention to the style of your essay.

  • If this is an informal one, you can feel free to start it from a story, what will contribute to a tone of friendly conversation.
  • If the essay is more formal, you should keep the strict tone and start from a fact or a controversial statement.


Types of Hooks

Here are the types of hooks, which can be used for an essay. Kindly, remember, that the main requirement for a hook is to make it relevant for the main idea of your essay. It is not a good idea to include just some random interesting fact, which has nothing to do with your essay topic. The logical connection will be lost and your reader will lose his interest.


  • A Short Story

You can start from a short description of an interesting situation. By ‘short’ we mean ‘really short’, having no more than 3-4 sentences. Your task is to make your reader understand, what actually happened, and get the moral, or idea, why this story was placed at the very beginning.


  • A Fact

You can also use a fact as a hook. However, make sure that the fact used is shocking. To make such a hook more catchy and interesting, use the fact with numbers. By the way, extra small or extra big numbers work better. It is important to use the borrowed fact, but not to put your main finding at the beginning of the essay. The reader needs to get prepared first, so you can tell the finding in the body part.


  • A Proverb or Saying

To make your reader feel the deepness of thoughts you can use a proverb or saying as your first sentence. Even if you write a Natural Science essay, this is still possible. For example, if you write an essay on Biology, you may start from a quote of a famous scientist in this sphere.


Get the Best Hook for Your Essay

If you want to know, how to write a hook for an essay perfectly, come to us with your assignment. A custom writing expert will gladly choose the best suitable hook for you. Contact us for more details and learn how to write brilliant essay hooks!

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