How to Write a 5 Paragraph Essay: Academic Writing Basics

There is a common essay structure consisting of 5 paragraphs. The principles of 5 paragraphs essay writing can be applied to any essay assignment on any subject. That is why you will be able to save your time if you learn how to write a 5 paragraph essay at the beginning of your studies.


What Are the Limits for Writing 5 Paragraph Essay Structure?

Although this type of structure is widely used, there are still some limitation for its appliance.

  • Only for Short Papers

This structure basically works only for short papers. If you have a 10 pages writing assignment, this definitely not be a good idea to out all the text into 5 paragraphs, as this will look messy.

  • Not Always for Narrative Essays

Narrative essays are quite specific and their body part can differ from the one the 5 paragraph structure has. Some elements will be replaced by plot, characters` description etc.


What Is 5 Paragraph Structure and How to Write an Essay of Such Format?

As you have already understood, 5 paragraph essay is divided into 5 main parts. Well, actually there are 3 of them, as the body part – the largest – contains 3 paragraphs according to this structure.

The 1st Paragraph

An essay generally start from introduction. This is actually to let your reader know about some background information on your topic and understand, what you are writing about and in what tone. Another function of instructions is to attract reader and make him interested. This particular goal is achieved through the usage of hook sentences at the very beginning. Your reader will clearly see, what you are writing about at the end of introduction. This last sentence is thesis statement. Keep the limit of nearly 10% from the whole essay text.

Paragraphs the 2nd- the 4th

Those paragraphs need to have the body of your essay: your main ideas, arguments, explanations. However, there need to be three main points, and each will have its separate paragraph not to create any misunderstandings. Your task is to link those paragraphs one to another as well as make sure that they are suitable for the main topic.

The 5th Paragraph

The last paragraph is actually for conclusion. You should summarize your main points and tell that your statement has been successfully supported. This can be done through the paraphrasing of your thesis statement. It is important not to say anything new in conclusion. Also, there should not be any examples and nothing odd.


Some Additional Information: What Would Your Professor Like?

There are some points, which can make your 5 paragraph essay better.

  • Graphics

Graphical elements not only make your essay clearer, but also interest your reader better. Adding of information of another format does help to deliver your point well.

  • Personal Opinion

Your personal opinion is extremely appreciated, as it shows that you are aware of the topic and you understand it well enough to have your personal point of view. Also, the non-copied and original ideas are fresh and may contribute to some issues resolving.


What More Should I Know about How to Write a 5 Paragraph Essay?

There are also quite a lot of minor specifications in general and some can refer to your specific assignment. If you face issues with writing 5 paragraph essay due to some reason, our experts can help you on that any time and within the shortest time frames!

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