How to Avoid Plagiarism in Writing: Methods and Hints

Plagiarism is not ethical and can cause a lot of academic troubles. This is a fact that all students know. However, often students need to use sources to write papers. Usage of sources helps to learn new things. Thus, check how to avoid plagiarism in writing not to get your academic reputation spoiled.


The Main Ways to Avoid Plagiarism

Actually, there are two main ways to perform original papers and not be accused in stealing of someone’s ideas.


Way #1: Do Not Use Sources

There are assignments, which require no more that your personal opinion based on your evidence. Thus, using any sources in such papers won’t be appropriate. Also, it will definitely have a bad effect if you copy and paste some parts of the essay samples on this topic, which are available online. So, not to get high percentage of plagiarism in your essay, do not plagiarize and develop your own ideas.


Way #2: Cite Sources

If according to your assignment instructions you are to use some sources, make sure to cite them properly. Citing is actually indicating the author of the borrowed ideas. Thus, you notify your reader, that this idea has been taken from a certain source, and the part won’t be considered as a plagiarized one. There are two main types of citation: direct and indirect one.


          1. Direct Citation

Direct citation is when you borrow a certain text or part of it and include into your paper as it is. When you are citing some parts directly, it is necessary to indicate, where the quotation starts and ends precisely. You can do this with the help of symbols “”. If you are doing this, do not change words or restructure the taken text. The author’s name should also be specified according to the citation style requirements.


          2. Indirect Citation

Indirect citation is when you borrow ideas, not the completed text. You can restructure the text from other source you use, or just tell how you understand it in another words. In this case you do not specify the frames for the quotation, but just mention, that it was taken from a certain source indicated. You can start the sentence with borrowed idea from the phrase “According to… (Author’s name)” or any other signal phrase. However, the detailed proper specifications on how to cite the source in-text can be found in the paper format guideline of the required citation style.


Things to Remember if You Want to Know How to Avoid Plagiarism in Writing

There are also a few extra hints you should be aware of:

  • All the sources used in-text should be specified on the last page of your paper under the title “References” or “Works Cited”.
  • Do not forget to indicate the full information about the exact sources used. Different editions of the same text may have different numbers of pages for the same information. In case you omit the edition, this may lead to a confusion.


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