Genetically Modified Food Essay: Risks and Benefits

People all over the world try to avoid genetically modified food. Do you know why? I bet everything you know is that it is harmful and that’s it. It is time to learn more facing a genetically modified food essay assignment.


What Is Genetically Modified Food (GMO)?

The abbreviation GMO is to mark products, which have been grown by people using genetic engineering. Such plants are experimental and never can be found in wild nature, but only in laboratories or specially equipped places. The safety or danger of GMO products has not been proved yet.


Evaluating the Risk

As genetically modified food is an uncertain thing, a lot of discussions on this issue appeared. People, who are interested in this issue can be divided into two main groups: those, who are for GMO food, and those, who are against. Both have good arguments on their opinions. Concerning the mass production, the risks of using of GMO products need to be lower than the benefits they give.


       1. Arguments FOR the Genetically Modified Food

Here are the arguments used by people for GMO food.

  • Taste

The taste of products is much better, as it can be modified. Due to the people`s preferring, some products can be made less bitter, less sweet etc.

  • No Diseases

Due to genetic modifications the farming became easier, as the plants are self-protected from different diseases and pests. The protection has been encoded to the so-called immune system of the plants.

  • Better Content

It is also possible to modify the number of minerals and vitamins due to modification. Such changes will increase the value of food for people.

  • Good Way Out of Hunger

There are regions, which experience the lack of food. Thus, the GMO food production will make it possible to resolve this issue, and it will definitely overweight any other minuses of the GMO food consuming.


       2. Arguments AGAINST the Genetically Modified Food

However, usage of GMO products is quite risky. Thus, a lot of people stand against genetic engineering.

  • A Fight against Nature

The plants created by people do not exist in nature. Thus, introducing of them can break the natural chains and have irrevocable consequences.

  • Risks for Health

This has not been well-proved yet, but there are suppositions, that genetically modified food has a bad influence on humans` health from the long perspective. Also, scientists claim that GMO food contributes to the development of allergic reactions. It is better not to risk and consume products provided by nature.

  • Not Really a Profitable Thing

In addition to all the mentioned, the GMO items production is not that cheap and it is sometime better simply to grow the non-GMO ones.


Other Issues to Talk About

If you are not interested in argumentative writing, you may just write about attitude of some countries to GMO food regulation or/and review some statistical data. There are a lot of possible expository essay topics on genetically modified food you can benefit from.


Assistance in Writing a Genetically Modified Food Essay

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