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Body image is your physical feeling of yourself and it is so, to say the perception of body by the person. It is the way that you look and how you feel yourself and the way how others see you. Body image may be associated with the individual’s perception, judgment of the size, shape, weight and other appearances of the person’s body. Very often the problem of how others see you appears and you try to be not who you are but who others want you to be. And that leads to bad factors. Nowadays mass media shows the certain standards of the best look for people of the physical ideal of a human body. People often are not satisfied with the way they look and worry too much about being as perfect as from the mess media. But in this case they either go sports and eat healthy food or just feel themselves bad have terrible mood eat disorders and make themselves even worse. And only healthy food and healthy diet with exercises can improve the way you look and can bring you a good mood.

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