Essay on Nature: Ideas to Help You in Writing

Nature is the world around us, and a human is a part of it, but not the king. Unfortunately, sometimes we forget about this. A lot of words can be said about the nature: about its beauty and the way it is influenced by human beings. Thus, there are a lot of possibilities to write a good essay on nature.


Topics with Hints for an Essay on Nature

You are free to choose any aspect of nature, which is interesting for you, and write on the selected topic.

  • The Beauty of Nature

There is always a possibility to describe a beautiful landscape. You can choose a picture, which is close to you, such as the view from your childhood or the view from the window of your house. The detailed description with metaphors and comparison will be the best style of writing on this.

  • The Human Influence to the Nature

There are a lot of issues, which are caused by a humans` activities. The main global issue is a global warming and the greenhouse effect. You may write an argumentative or expository essay on this and cover the information on the causes and effects of the problem. Also, it will be a good idea to suggest the ways to fight with global warming causes.

  • Saving the Nature

The whole paper can be devoted to finding the ways of saving the nature. We know, that there are a lot of species in our nature that are close to extinction. People should understand all the bad consequences to behave better. An understanding of the every single person results in a general understanding, as we should start everything from changing of our actions. Do not hesitate to include your personal thoughts and ideas.

  • Nature and the Culture

It will also be interesting to write an essay on nature and its influence on the people`s culture. The climate, the geographical conditions and resources given by nature often define the style of life for the group of representatives of a certain culture. Environmental conditions influence our way of thinking, so verbalization of ideas differs.

  • Nature and Tourism and Sport

Nature is what makes people travel. We can go for vacations to spend them at the seaside, or we may want to enjoy the fresh area and beautiful nature of mountains. In winter a lot of people go to ski, and that is possible only in mountainous areas. Thus, a lot of touristic point appear.

  • Nature and Economics

We should also remember, that our earth is full of resources. Using the natural resources wisely is the purpose of any government. A state, which has reach resources uses them to become richer. You can analyze how the nature influences the income of a state and what are the best ways of rational resources usage.


Help with Essay on Nature

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