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World History

Those who say history is boring will get a punch from me. Just answer the question: how can the past of our world, the events having happened thousands, dozens of years ago, the culture of our ancestors and their lives be boring? It is a great source for investigation, doing research, collecting facts and memories, diving into the world of the previous generations and learning from them.

However, the history is very complicated as well. And having a daunting task of writing a paper on some historical event or a period may take much time and efforts for making it complete. Therefore, I have prepared a special guide for helping you to write a perfect paper any topic of the world history, with a bonus example of the history of the Cold War. Have a Look at this page also crazyessay.com/history-papers!

Preparation to Dealing with the History Paper Successfully

Getting Ready

No single paper can be written without a thorough preparation. Even the memoir of your own needs to take up a few minutes or hours of yours to muse about the plot, main ideas, characters and other details, nothing to say about such a serious type of paper writing. But I am here to help you make your first step and lead you through the jungle of historical data, characters, places and complex piles of other troublesome nuances.

  1. In case the topic is unknown. The field of options is huge! In the past two thousand years (if not to take into account unrecorded history) so many events have taken place that, believe me, no single person would be able to tell about all of them. Some of them would remind more of a myth than a real event as many details are still unknown or lost. It is a great chance for you to explore the favorite period of history and get to know it much better yourself. Nevertheless, do not dare to write a paper on the whole period and you will be lack of papers for it, nothing to say about weeks or maybe months (!) of work. Choose the one that applies to you the most and do a small research to find out whether you have enough of materials to write on it.
  2. Define the type of your paper. Or let your professor tell you what it should be. The options are so many that you barely find the one perfectly fitting your historical taste. Some are narrative or analytical, others may be concentrated on the history while others pay attention to historiography. The history can differ too. You may describe the cultural, political, military, social or economic aspect of it or even all together which is surely lots of work to do. Maybe, you are told to write a review essay or a research one? Find it out to get to know its requirements for writing.
  3. Start researching. As soon as you start doing it, you will find lots of materials that may only partly fit to your topic but don’t get disappointed: a historical event is not an independent element in the ocean of others, it is directly connected to other events and may even have a ring of events on the opposite corner of the world.
  4. Never talk to no purposes. Even if the type if the history essay is narrative and you are told to write in a descriptive way, the main notion of enlightening a historical event is to stick to the primary point. Find the central motive of the event which is basically the thesis statement and develop your thoughts around it.
  5. Ask crucial questions. What has happened? Who were the people involved? When was the event? Where has it taken place? Why has it happened? For what purpose was it? And the last but not the least: How has the event happened? If you manage to answer all of these questions – you definitely know what you are writing about.

Draft on a History Review Paper: The Cold War Observation


No matter what type of history paper you choose, the historical details must be accurately collected and reflected on your paper with no incorrectness. But when writing a history review, the additional step will be to give your personal remarks and evaluation of the event. It is not that difficult and with the help of our service you will definitely have it done in the shortest periods of time.

“The main thesis of my history review is the Cold War: its preconditions and purposes. Hereby I will enlighten the following aspects…

If to specify the notion of the Cold War, it is basically a concurrence between the power of Capitalism and Communism. Two huge countries with opposite directions for development could not but confront each other…

The way they did it was quite extraordinary at the time and fairly described as “cold” because of its indirect opposition which did not involve military actions (with the exclusions of occurrences of so called “proxy wars”) but the great danger of nuclear apocalypse from both sides in any case of direct attack was terrifying…

The dates of the beginning are believed to be between 1945 and 1991 as the years of the end of the Second World War till Soviet Union’s collapse…

It was a “careful” war as each step could decide the next direction and weakening or strengthening the powers of both mighty powerful countries…

They felt a threat as both being in a state of different Communistic and Capitalistic ideology as well as the Enforcement of Veto by the Soviet Union and the main tool for insulting each other was mass-media: television, newspapers etc.

The Cold War has brought people nothing but a feeling of seclusion and shattered World Peace, creating mutual misunderstanding between countries…”

Now you know, that writing a paper on history is an amazing chance to get to know the world and your own country better and with a big inspiration and interest the writing process as a whole will only be a pleasure for you.


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