Culture Essay Topics for You to Check the Best Suitable!

Culture is an interesting issue and it is wide enough to be reviewed from various points of view. It is possible to write an essay about culture in general as a phenomena, or you can write about the specifics of culture in a particular country. Check some modern and interesting culture essay topics in the list below.


Different Types of Culture Essay Topics

As a lot of students with various specializations can get an assignment to write a culture essay, we will divide our topic suggestions based on the aspect of view on culture.


1. Culture Essay Topics on Psychology:

  • The influence of culture on the behavior of individuals
  • The psychological impact caused by moving to the country with the much different culture
  • The psychology of a child brought up in multi-cultural family
  • The difference of psychology between people belonging to different cultures
  • The psychological reasons to join the subculture


2. Culture Essay Topics on Philosophy

  • The cultural and personal values: the specifics of correlation
  • Understanding of culture as a phenomena
  • The theories of the cultural formation
  • Culture as a human being`s need
  • Understanding of life according to different cultures (modern and/or ancient)


3. Culture Essay Topics on Linguistics

  • Cultural concepts and their significance for the lexical meaning
  • Expression of the mental processes into syntactic structures within one country
  • The challenges of the intercultural communication
  • The borrowed words as a result of intercultural communication
  • Cultural background for the introducing of the second national language
  • The modification of words meanings as a result of cultural change


4. Culture Essay Topics on Ethnic Studies

  • The specifics of the Eastern cultures
  • The cultural rituals, their significance and their history
  • The art in African cultures: common features
  • Music as an inherent element of all cultures
  • The typical house description for a certain culture
  • The wedding celebration: interesting facts from different cultures of the world
  • The clothing canon: at early times and now
  • The typical occupations within the different world cultures


5. Culture Essay Topics on Sociology

  • The cultural shock
  • The multi-cultural society: issues and ways to deal with them
  • Does culture unites people and if so, in what way?
  • The gender discrimination as a normal thing for some cultures in the world
  • Cultural unities throughout the world
  • Women in Ancient Egyptian culture
  • The cruelty within the cultural traditions and rituals
  • Understanding of a family by different world cultures: a comparative analysis
  • Influence of the Mexican culture and/or African culture on American one
  • Modern world`s youth culture
  • Subcultures and their main features
  • How does the economic situation modify the cultural beliefs?
  • Demographical issues caused by cultural beliefs
  • The difference in cultures in well-developed countries and in countries of the third world


6. Culture Essay Topics on Religious Studies

  • Religion and culture: what influences and what is being influenced by?
  • The correlation of the basic values provided by religion and by culture
  • Understanding of God by main world religions and cultures
  • Attitude to religion by the modern youth


7. Culture Essay Topics on Geography

  • How are the geographical conditions important for the development of culture?
  • The geographical position and cultural borrowings
  • A state borders and cultural borders: are they the same or different?
  • The influence of Nile on the legends and myths of the ancient world
  • The distance from the capital of the country as a factor of culture`s formation
  • Rural VS city culture

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